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Programming is for Everybody!

Choose the Right Scripting Language for You!
An online program to help you choose your most appropriate language depending on the criteria that are most important to you

Python City
Pythonic Book Reviews, Tutorials, Programs, links, and Discussions: Daily Updates of Pythonic Web Articles

JavaScript Expert Systems
Book Reviews and javascript programs, watch for more!

Perl City

Ruby City

Farnham's Freehold
Social, Political, Economic, and Philosophical

The Linux Chronicles
A braindead, clueless, newbie's adventures with Linux: Newly Updated

For Real Time Web News on Scripting Languages and other Computer Tech subjects
Try our Perl web spider, Ruby web spider, Python web spider, and Javascript web spider. Also try our AwareTek tech news-spider, updated every 15 minutes

The Great Computer Language Shootout, a detailed comparison of many languages

ScriptPerf, another detailed language comparison

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