Linux Chronicles

Linux Chronicles The Linux Chronicles
Can a totally clueless, brain dead newbie, actually switch cold-turkey and set up and use Linux as his home operating system?

Linux Chronicles I: Life is Messy
February 2, 2002

Linux Chronicles II: Practical Matters
February 3, 2002

Linux Chronicles III: Mother May I?
February 4, 2002

Linux Chronicles IV: Mysterious Processes and Frustrations?
February 10, 2002 (perhaps a little technical for non-Pythonista newbies; if so, feel free to just skip it, or skim it ;-)))

Linux Chronicles V: In Which the Author gets the Permission and Ownership Blues...
February 10, 2002

Linux Chronicles VI: I Believe in Magic...
February 10, 2002

Linux Chronicles VII: on the Linux Format magazine from the UK...
February 12, 2002

Linux Chronicles VIII: on the Sharp Zaurus...and the Commodore 64...
February 12, 2002

Linux Chronicles IX: The Chicken or the Egg...
February 18, 2002

Linux Chronicles X: The Joy of Linux
February 19, 2002

XI: Sweat Equity, or, I will Survive...
April 20, 2002

May 5, 2002

XIII: Sharp Zaurus
May 5, 2002

XIV: Satisfied with SUSE...
May 11, 2002

XV: Cron_Hell: or, What the Manual Never Told You...
May 13, 2002

XVI: On the Road to Babylon...
May 19, 2002

XVII: On the BASH Shell, the Linux Cookbook, and My Successful Linux Experiences and Program Recommendations
June 23, 2002

XVIII: Linux and Python Programming
July 5, 2002

XIX: Lessons Learned: Sweet Stability & Installation Tips
July 7, 2002

XX: What to do on your Linux box: Learn To Program In Python!
August 1, 2002

XXI: Unix is a State of Mind
December 14, 2002

XXII: Open Source
January 5, 2003

XXIII: Farnham's Freehold
January 11, 2003

XXIV: Scripting Language City
January 13, 2003

Help the brain-dead loser Newbie with his Linux issues???
Or just let him know that someone is out there ;-)))

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