Find Your Scripting Language

Find Your Scripting Language

Which Scripting Language is Right for You?

Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript

You should learn all four of these fine scripting languages; but if you carefully rank the relative importance to you of all the criteria below, you will find out, scientifically, which programming language is right for you at this time ;-)))) Input an integer from 1 to 100, as a weight or relative importance factor for each of the citeria below. 1 means that the criterion is not very important to you, 100 means extremely important to you. If a criterion is of only neutral or low importance to you, score each language with the same score for that criterion (50 or any other number between 1 and 100).

ease of learning the language

ease of using the language....

client-side web scripting

server-side web scripting

popularity, installed base

graphics (beyond forms)

elegance of object orientation

readability and maintainability of code

Click to score the languages suitability to you!

Scores: Higher is better. Do not write in here.

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