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300+++ Pythonic Tutorials listed in more than 50 Categories: Updated September 7, 2008

Python Book Reviews
updated September 7, 2008

Choose Your GUI Toolkit for Python
( Updated September 19, 2004 adding PyGUI. ) Tkinter, EasyGui, wxPython, PythonCard, pyQt, pyGtk, Anygui, Jython (Swing & AWT), fxPy, pyFLTK, PyGUI; which is right for you now?

Python Software for Mobile Systems
Python software for mobile devices, including applications, developer tools, and news.

Ask Merlin's Decision Analysis
fun little online scripts

Discussion Forum and Show Notes

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Choose Your Programming Language
Updated April 4, 2005: Which Programming Language is right for you? Java, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Lisp/Scheme, C/C++, Perl, Python, or Ruby?

Older Versions of some Scripts (Python AI and Expert Systems)

Old ouputs from the mygale web spider, links to Python web articles

Even older outputs of web articles from the Zope web spider, Tkinter web spider, Jython web spider, or wxPython web spider; or try the Perl web spider, Ruby web spider,and Javascript web spider versions, or Archived: "all" Pythonic web articles as of January 27, 2002Literally thousands of old articles, may take a while to load!!! For something different, try out the Tech News Web Robot, updated continually...

Selected AI and Python Links
Carefully and lovingly selected

The Zen of Python

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