Why I Am A Baha'i

A Postmodern Journey to Faith at the Dawn of a New Millennium

Foreword and Disclaimer

Why I Am A Baha'i...An Introduction (Reason to Believe)

God and Purpose in the Light of Science and Reason

Religion of the Future

A System of Systems

Culture Compost


It's Not What You Think, It's What You Do...

Manifesting God

Vision Logic; When Prophecy Fails

Think Big; the God Concept

Certitude...(19 Meditations on Certitude)

Another Way

Indra's Net and Feedback Loops

Jerusalem and the Abrahamic Tradition

Before the Flood, and After the Apocalypse: a Postmodern Tale...

Radicalism in America's Spiritual Destiny

No Borders

Hard Rain From Tokyo

Bubble Worlds

To the Maid of Heaven...

Coda: A Reason To Believe

Afterword: Death is Not the End

AfterPoem: Recursion of the Centaur

Epilogue; On Neanderthals

Appendix I: On Infallibility

Appendix II: Bibliography

Biography of the Author


Finale: Why Be a Baha'i?

Continuum: Evolutionary Ethics

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