2006-11-03 [Python Cookbook] Scripting iTunes (for Windows) with Python Python Cookbook
2006-11-01 [Python Cookbook] weighted choice (short and easy numpy version) Python Cookbook
2006-10-31 [Python Cookbook] Weighted choice Python Cookbook
2006-10-31 [Python Cookbook] Ping Technocrati with your blog URL Python Cookbook
2006-10-31 Tips for Designing High-performance Amplifier Subsystems Byte
2006-10-31 Image Processing Trends Byte
2006-10-31 Five Recovery Apps Bring Your PC Back From The Dead Byte
2006-10-27 [Python Cookbook] group and partition Python Cookbook
2006-10-27 [Python Cookbook] Converts a DOM node object of type element to an ElementTree Element Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] sane tab completion in pdb Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] guessing Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] get dhcp IP Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] finduser.py Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] expand_tabs.py - expand tabs in files in-place Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] custom django login_required decorator Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Waitable, cross-process threading.Event class. Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Simple lockfile to detect previous instances of app Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Quote python strings for safe use in POSIX shells Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Proposal For winreg Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Logging to a Jabber account Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] IMAP mail server attachment handler Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Example For winreg (2) Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Example For winreg (1) Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Automate performance monitoring via telnet and ftp in a production environment Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Another Odict Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Add thousands separator commas to formatted numbers Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 [Python Cookbook] A higher level struct module Python Cookbook
2006-10-25 Utilizing Advanced FPGA Features Byte
2006-10-25 The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online Byte
2006-10-25 Seven Best Practices to Achieving Higher Levels of Compliance Byte
2006-10-25 Operating System Options for Consumer Devices Byte
2006-07-29 [Python Cookbook] Marshal unicode strings with PyXML Python Cookbook
2006-07-28 [Python Cookbook] Public and protected attribute access Python Cookbook
2006-07-27 [Python Cookbook] easy file parsing Python Cookbook
2006-07-26 [Python Cookbook] Mastermind-style code-breaking Python Cookbook
2006-07-26 [Python Cookbook] Data Mining with Neural Nets Python Cookbook
2006-07-25 [Python Cookbook] An easy password generator using standard Python modules Python Cookbook
2006-07-25 [Python Cookbook] An ActiveRecord like ORM (object relation mapper) under 200 lines Python Cookbook
2006-07-25 Voting Software Byte
2006-07-25 Recycle Old Hardware the "Green" Way Byte
2006-07-25 Now It's A Quad-Core War Byte
2006-07-25 Five Things You Must Know About VoIP Byte
2006-07-25 Building a Linux Audio Player Byte
2006-07-21 [Python Cookbook] Change Windows Console Character Attribute (Color) Python Cookbook
2006-07-20 [Python Cookbook] rebase -- convert a number to/from any base in range(-256,257) Python Cookbook
2006-07-20 [Python Cookbook] Tabify Python Cookbook
2006-07-20 [Python Cookbook] Running Batch Commands Python Cookbook
2006-07-20 [Python Cookbook] EventQueue class to queue function calls Python Cookbook
2006-07-18 Six Ways To Protect Your Wireless Network Byte
2006-07-18 Review: Archos 104 Byte
2006-07-18 Intel's Conroe vs. AMD's Dual-Core Athlon Byte
2006-07-18 Implementing an openIP Encryption Flow Byte
2006-07-18 Gliding Into the Future Byte
2006-07-18 Build a 'Double-Powered' Gaming PC Byte
2006-07-15 [Python Cookbook] Dynamically determine execution path of a file Python Cookbook
2006-07-14 [Python Cookbook] String Interpolation with Evaluation of Embedded Expressions Python Cookbook
2006-07-14 [Python Cookbook] JavaScript code compression Python Cookbook
2006-07-14 [Python Cookbook] Amaze - An object-oriented maze generator/solver in Python Python Cookbook
2006-07-12 [Python Cookbook] Groupby for ndarrays. Python Cookbook
2006-07-12 [Python Cookbook] Expanded dictionary inversion Python Cookbook
2006-07-11 [Python Cookbook] Memoize decorator function with cache size limit Python Cookbook
2006-07-11 Malware Responses: What To Do Before, During, And After An Attack Byte
2006-07-11 Making the Switch from CRT to LCD Displays Byte
2006-07-11 Linksys Wireless-G WVC200 PTZ Internet Camera with Audio Byte
2006-07-11 5 Things To Know Before Installing Office 2007 Beta 2 Byte
2006-07-08 [Python Cookbook] z_string.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-08 [Python Cookbook] z_service.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-08 [Python Cookbook] ZChat Python Cookbook
2006-07-07 [Python Cookbook] z_time.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-07 [Python Cookbook] z_sync.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-07 [Python Cookbook] Easily creating dialog boxes from XRC files Python Cookbook
2006-07-07 [Python Cookbook] Disabling debug logging in release version Python Cookbook
2006-07-07 [Python Cookbook] Computing permutations with duplicates Python Cookbook
2006-07-06 [Python Cookbook] z_matrix.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-06 [Python Cookbook] z_html.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-06 [Python Cookbook] z_directory.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-06 [Python Cookbook] z_delegate.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-05 [Python Cookbook] z_crypt.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-05 [Python Cookbook] z_crypt.py Python Cookbook
2006-07-05 Using Supercapacitors to Extend Alkaline Battery Life in Portable Designs Byte
2006-07-05 Six Things You Didn't Know About Linux: A Beginners' Guide Byte
2006-07-05 Seven Superb Tools Byte
2006-07-05 New C++ Datatypes Accelerate Algorithm Validation Byte
2006-07-05 Convert a PC into a Low-Cost Cash Register Byte
2006-07-05 A Little Bit of Charity Byte
2006-07-01 [Python Cookbook] z_cgi.py Python Cookbook
2006-06-30 [Python Cookbook] Read/write object for pkg-config files Python Cookbook
2006-06-30 [Python Cookbook] Grab screen on Windows (PrintScreen emulation) Python Cookbook
2006-06-28 [Python Cookbook] Sized Dictionary Python Cookbook
2006-06-28 [Python Cookbook] Recover files from damaged media Python Cookbook
2006-06-27 [Python Cookbook] Count PDF pages Python Cookbook
2006-06-27 The Sound of Smart Music Byte
2006-06-27 Office 2007 Byte
2006-06-27 Implementing an Open IP Encryption Flow Byte
2006-06-27 Head To Head: Novell SUSE Linux vs. Windows Vista Byte
2006-06-27 Can Direct Current Power Data Centers? Byte
2006-06-27 Build a PC-based Home Security System Byte
2006-06-26 [Python Cookbook] Game theory payoff matrix solver Python Cookbook
2006-06-26 [Python Cookbook] Farey Sequence Python Cookbook
2006-06-26 [Python Cookbook] Completer and history viewer support indent and file_match Python Cookbook
2006-06-24 [Python Cookbook] Add support for the "in" operator to the attributes map of minidom elements Python Cookbook
2006-06-24 [Python Cookbook] A recursive function to get permutation of a list Python Cookbook
2006-06-23 [Python Cookbook] Getting uptime in windows 2000/NT/XP Python Cookbook
2006-06-22 [Python Cookbook] Indentable rlcompleter Python Cookbook
2006-06-22 [Python Cookbook] Indentable rlcompleter Python Cookbook
2006-06-21 [Python Cookbook] pdf-pages: Include only specified pages and arrange several on a sheet of paper Python Cookbook
2006-06-20 [Python Cookbook] list of all combination from multiple lists Python Cookbook
2006-06-20 [Python Cookbook] Extract a inner function from a class or a function Python Cookbook
2006-06-20 Now We Know Byte
2006-06-17 [Python Cookbook] Event Scheduling (threading.Timer) Python Cookbook
2006-06-16 [Python Cookbook] Run SQLite-connections in isolated threads Python Cookbook
2006-06-15 [Python Cookbook] A python replacement for java.util.Properties Python Cookbook
2006-06-13 FlexGo and a New Form of Literacy Byte
2006-06-12 [Python Cookbook] Reference count checking Python Cookbook
2006-06-12 [Python Cookbook] Is scraping easiest with Internet Explorer on Windows? Python Cookbook
2006-06-12 [Python Cookbook] Automatic Southwest Boarding Pass Python Cookbook
2006-06-09 [Python Cookbook] Extract elements with id attributes from HTML Python Cookbook
2006-06-08 [Python Cookbook] Simple XML RPC server over HTTPS Python Cookbook
2006-06-07 [Python Cookbook] Split String into n-size pieces Python Cookbook
2006-06-07 [Python Cookbook] Finding (and Replacing) Nemo Python Cookbook
2006-06-06 [Python Cookbook] Romantic love poem in Python Python Cookbook
2006-06-06 The Merry Month of May Byte
2006-06-05 [Python Cookbook] binary-converter1.0 Python Cookbook
2006-06-03 [Python Cookbook] weakattr Python Cookbook
2006-06-03 [Python Cookbook] Set Process Priority In Windows Python Cookbook
2006-06-03 [Python Cookbook] Last Login Record Extraction Python Cookbook
2006-06-03 [Python Cookbook] A 200-line database engine Python Cookbook
2006-06-02 [Python Cookbook] a simple pycrypto-Blowfish encryption script Python Cookbook
2006-06-01 [Python Cookbook] Personal Finance Assistance Python Cookbook
2006-06-01 [Python Cookbook] A more clean implementation for Ordered Dictionary Python Cookbook
2006-05-30 [Python Cookbook] Some missing string functions Python Cookbook
2006-05-29 [Python Cookbook] Run time linked attributes Python Cookbook
2006-05-29 [Python Cookbook] Restricted "save" eval Python Cookbook
2006-05-29 Working with Laptop Hardware Byte
2006-05-28 [Python Cookbook] Improved TemporaryFile Python Cookbook
2006-05-27 [Python Cookbook] helement Python Cookbook
2006-05-27 [Python Cookbook] ShelfProxy Python Cookbook
2006-05-26 [Python Cookbook] Python XTEA Encryption Python Cookbook
2006-05-26 [Python Cookbook] Object Proxying Python Cookbook
2006-05-25 [Python Cookbook] Workaround for missed SIGINT in multithreaded programs Python Cookbook
2006-05-23 [Python Cookbook] QuackTemplate.Wrapper Python Cookbook
2006-05-23 Repair or Replace? Byte
2006-05-20 [Python Cookbook] Summary reports using itertools.groupby - extended to support multiple keys Python Cookbook
2006-05-20 [Python Cookbook] Generate the permutations of a bag Python Cookbook
2006-05-19 [Python Cookbook] Table (FedTable) Python Cookbook
2006-05-17 [Python Cookbook] A dict proxy metaclass. Python Cookbook
2006-05-16 A Day at the Beach Byte
2006-05-15 [Python Cookbook] import_once Python Cookbook
2006-05-15 [Python Cookbook] Templite Python Cookbook
2006-05-14 [Python Cookbook] Logging SimpleXMLRPCServer Python Cookbook
2006-05-14 [Python Cookbook] ExceptionContainer Python Cookbook
2006-05-14 [Python Cookbook] Container Python Cookbook
2006-05-11 [Python Cookbook] Copy huge files on Windows avoiding system cache misbehaviour Python Cookbook
2006-05-10 [Python Cookbook] Windows shortcuts import hook Python Cookbook
2006-05-10 [Python Cookbook] New Tail Recursion Decorator Python Cookbook
2006-05-10 [Python Cookbook] Python Cookbook
2006-05-09 [Python Cookbook] Splicing of lists Python Cookbook
2006-05-09 [Python Cookbook] Converting OLE datetime values into Python datetime objects Python Cookbook
2006-05-09 Not Just Yet! Byte
2006-05-08 [Python Cookbook] make ranges of contiguous numbers from a list of integers Python Cookbook
2006-05-05 [Python Cookbook] RICHVALUE: Extra return values in transparent style Python Cookbook
2006-05-03 [Python Cookbook] Inclusive regular sequences or fully closed ranges Python Cookbook
2006-05-02 [Python Cookbook] chomp equivalents Python Cookbook
2006-05-02 Hired Girl Byte
2006-05-01 [Python Cookbook] timer.py Python Cookbook
2006-05-01 [Python Cookbook] progress_bar.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-29 [Python Cookbook] ProtectUTF8 Python Cookbook
2006-04-29 [Python Cookbook] Persistent, lazy, caching, dictionary Python Cookbook
2006-04-28 [Python Cookbook] Control break report using a dictionary Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] disk_demo.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] disk.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_6.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_5.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_4.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_3.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_2.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] dal_1.py Python Cookbook
2006-04-27 [Python Cookbook] Iterator Algebra Implementations of Relational Join Algorithms Python Cookbook
2006-04-26 Make Magazine Byte
2006-04-24 [Python Cookbook] Launch a program based on file extension Python Cookbook
2006-04-23 [Python Cookbook] Automated swigging for creating simple C shared modules. Python Cookbook
2006-04-22 [Python Cookbook] Iterator Merge Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] kexec the newest linux kernel Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] Using eval() To Transform Symbolic Expressions Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] Generating Code Coverage HTML Output Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] Constraint-based Sudoku Solver Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] CallQueue: Easy inter-thread communication Python Cookbook
2006-04-21 [Python Cookbook] BackgroundCall: Pythonic resulting Thread Python Cookbook
2006-04-20 [Python Cookbook] Finding out an argument default Python Cookbook
2006-04-19 [Python Cookbook] exceptional & final: Flatten Exception Handling Python Cookbook
2006-04-19 [Python Cookbook] Ordering and ranking for lists Python Cookbook
2006-04-18 VISTA and Pournelle's Law Byte
2006-04-16 [Python Cookbook] Mini Fake DNS server Python Cookbook
2006-04-16 [Python Cookbook] Automatic recursion arguments Python Cookbook
2006-04-15 [Python Cookbook] Progress Bar form WX in Child Thread of Main Python Code. Python Cookbook
2006-04-15 [Python Cookbook] Caching and throttling for urllib2 Python Cookbook
2006-04-13 [Python Cookbook] Generating an HTML report listing all crontabs from several hosts Python Cookbook
2006-04-12 [Python Cookbook] Dynamic Generation of image labels Python Cookbook
2006-04-11 [Python Cookbook] timelimit: tell a function to time out after a time limit Python Cookbook
2006-04-11 Boot Camp Byte
2006-04-09 [Python Cookbook] Riddle's Authentication System Python Cookbook
2006-04-07 [Python Cookbook] Easy Cross Platform Excel Parsing With Xlrd Python Cookbook
2006-04-07 [Python Cookbook] Constellation Finder Python Cookbook
2006-04-07 [Python Cookbook] Asynchronous port forwarding Python Cookbook
2006-04-06 [Python Cookbook] Port Forwarding Python Cookbook
2006-04-06 Converting to C++/CLI Dr. Dobbs
2006-04-05 [Python Cookbook] very poor man's xml parser and generator Python Cookbook
2006-04-05 [Python Cookbook] YARW - Yet Another Registry Wrapper Python Cookbook
2006-04-04 [Python Cookbook] Obtain encoded string representations of images, for use in your apps Python Cookbook
2006-04-04 [Python Cookbook] Fixing Thunderbird addressbook LDIF export Python Cookbook
2006-04-04 On the Go Byte
2006-04-01 [Python Cookbook] reducipes: Excuses to use the reduce built-in Python Cookbook
2006-04-01 [Python Cookbook] Create Numeric/numarray/numpy array from iterator Python Cookbook
2006-03-31 [Python Cookbook] Using python scripts without .py extension in DOS shells Python Cookbook
2006-03-31 [Python Cookbook] Rich Comparison Mixin Python Cookbook
2006-03-31 [Python Cookbook] Pyline: a grep-like, sed-like command-line tool. Python Cookbook
2006-03-31 Source Code Integration Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-30 [Python Cookbook] First / Last Day of the Month Python Cookbook
2006-03-30 [Python Cookbook] Discreet Simulation of Round Robin Scheduling Python Cookbook
2006-03-30 [Python Cookbook] Bounded Buffer Example (2) Python Cookbook
2006-03-30 [Python Cookbook] Bounded Buffer Example (1) Python Cookbook
2006-03-29 [Python Cookbook] resizable ctypes arrays Python Cookbook
2006-03-29 The Tour de Converter Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-28 Building on eBay Web Services Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-28 Blu-ray, HD DVD, and Sony Bets the Company Byte
2006-03-27 [Python Cookbook] regular expression point of failure Python Cookbook
2006-03-27 [Python Cookbook] min/max "peaks" with Numeric Python Cookbook
2006-03-27 [Python Cookbook] has_colors(stream): Does an output stream support colors? Python Cookbook
2006-03-27 [Python Cookbook] Star Mapper Python Cookbook
2006-03-25 [Python Cookbook] Get all active email addresses from Windows Exchange Server Python Cookbook
2006-03-25 [Python Cookbook] Fetching photos from nokia cellular using gnokii Python Cookbook
2006-03-25 Prototype DBMS Addresses Uncertainty; Proof-Carrying Code Workshop Planned Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-24 [Python Cookbook] pipe convenience function for doing pipes as in bash Python Cookbook
2006-03-24 [Python Cookbook] Mix'n'matching Python Cookbook
2006-03-23 [Python Cookbook] AWK like text processing Python Cookbook
2006-03-22 Sun Announces New Developer Programs Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-22 Challenges in .NET Functional Equivalence Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-21 [Python Cookbook] Using reduce to access deeply nested dictionaries Python Cookbook
2006-03-21 [Python Cookbook] TaskQueue Python Cookbook
2006-03-21 [Python Cookbook] Dynamic system tray icon (wxPython) Python Cookbook
2006-03-21 [Python Cookbook] Disk Dumper Python Cookbook
2006-03-21 [Python Cookbook] Design mini-lanugage for data input Python Cookbook
2006-03-20 [Python Cookbook] Thread Syncronizer Python Cookbook
2006-03-20 The Return of Ma Bell Byte
2006-03-19 [Python Cookbook] Standard Out Redirector Python Cookbook
2006-03-19 [Python Cookbook] Fuzzy matching dictionary Python Cookbook
2006-03-18 [Python Cookbook] Yet another object browser (text based) Python Cookbook
2006-03-18 [Python Cookbook] A general solution of Eight Queens Python Cookbook
2006-03-17 Translating .NET to .NET Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-16 [Python Cookbook] Watchdog: Decorator for Function Parameter / Result checking Python Cookbook
2006-03-15 Web Service "Amazon S3" Gives Developers Simple Data Storage Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-15 SearchOpenSource: Five Reasons Why You Should Never Use PostgreSQL--Ever Linux Today
2006-03-15 CMP Media Launches New Dr. Dobb's Journal Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-14 [Python Cookbook] import ElementTree from everywhere Python Cookbook
2006-03-14 [Python Cookbook] Atomically execute a block of Python statements Python Cookbook
2006-03-14 No Bye Bye Blackbery Byte
2006-03-12 [Python Cookbook] Using terminfo for portable color output & cursor control Python Cookbook
2006-03-12 [Python Cookbook] Schedule Maker Python Cookbook
2006-03-12 [Python Cookbook] HTML Help Python Cookbook
2006-03-11 [Python Cookbook] Regular expression for python string literals Python Cookbook
2006-03-10 [Python Cookbook] extended great common divisor function Python Cookbook
2006-03-09 [Python Cookbook] Simulating concurrency with yield Python Cookbook
2006-03-08 [Python Cookbook] Permutation and Combination Enumerator Python Cookbook
2006-03-08 .NET Convergence or Divergence? Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-07 [Python Cookbook] neat notation for python closures Python Cookbook
2006-03-07 [Python Cookbook] Getting HTML from the Windows clipboard Python Cookbook
2006-03-07 The Future of Commercial Open Source Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-07 Steve McConnell on Software Estimation Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-06 Smile! A Happy Ending Byte
2006-03-05 [Python Cookbook] alarm.py Python Cookbook
2006-03-05 [Python Cookbook] Drop shadows with PIL Python Cookbook
2006-03-04 [Python Cookbook] Copy gmail.com contacts onto your mobile phone via gnokii Python Cookbook
2006-03-01 [Python Cookbook] status_demo.py Python Cookbook
2006-03-01 [Python Cookbook] UrlAppServer Python Cookbook
2006-03-01 [Python Cookbook] URL Refresher Python Cookbook
2006-03-01 [Python Cookbook] Create .m3u playlists on the fly for mp3 dowloads Python Cookbook
2006-03-01 Quantum Cryptography Research Advances and IBM Research May Extend Moore's Law Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-28 Google In China Byte
2006-02-28 A Look at AJAX and Web 2.0 Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-27 [Python Cookbook] Tail Call Optimization Decorator Python Cookbook
2006-02-27 [Python Cookbook] Extending the 'logging' module Python Cookbook
2006-02-26 [Python Cookbook] Recordsets supporting zero terminated strings Python Cookbook
2006-02-25 [Python Cookbook] Sudoku Solver using a 3D-metaphor Python Cookbook
2006-02-25 [Python Cookbook] Get the path of the currently executing python script using import. Python Cookbook
2006-02-24 Computational Biology and Nanotube Ultracapacitors Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-23 [Python Cookbook] Creating a single instance application Python Cookbook
2006-02-22 VB6 to .NET: A Look Back at the Road Ahead Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-21 Moving Over the Software Byte
2006-02-19 [Python Cookbook] Yet another Design By Contract module for Python Python Cookbook
2006-02-18 [Python Cookbook] History and completion for the python shell Python Cookbook
2006-02-17 [Python Cookbook] Progress Meter Python Cookbook
2006-02-17 [Python Cookbook] Coding Standard Adaptor Python Cookbook
2006-02-16 [Python Cookbook] Sudoku Solver Python Cookbook
2006-02-16 New Ada Standard on the Horizon Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-15 XML and ADO.NET Best Practices Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-15 Web Services and Mobile Devices Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-14 [Python Cookbook] web sevice usage via a http proxy Python Cookbook
2006-02-14 [Python Cookbook] VSS Integration Module Python Cookbook
2006-02-14 [Python Cookbook] Lazy module imports Python Cookbook
2006-02-14 Hall of Fame Inductees and ACM-ICPC World Finals Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-13 [Python Cookbook] split_and_join.py Python Cookbook
2006-02-13 Building Alexis Byte
2006-02-10 [Python Cookbook] Timeout function using threading Python Cookbook
2006-02-10 [Python Cookbook] Number Format function ( la PHP) Python Cookbook
2006-02-09 Infrastructure Management Institute Launched Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-08 [Python Cookbook] un_comment.py Python Cookbook
2006-02-08 [Python Cookbook] Classes for Working with URIs Python Cookbook
2006-02-08 [Python Cookbook] Authenticate with twisted.web.xmlrpc Python Cookbook
2006-02-08 [Python Cookbook] A threading.Event you can pickle Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] input_demo.py Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] Password Generator Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] Get system/language/user dependent paths on windows Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] Control break report generation example Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] Compose HTML Mail with embedded images from URL or local file Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 [Python Cookbook] Compile.py Python Cookbook
2006-02-07 Algorithm Accuracy and Artificial Vision Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-06 The New York Camera Store Scam Byte
2006-02-05 [Python Cookbook] Sudoku solver Python Cookbook
2006-02-05 [Python Cookbook] Authenticating Twisted with Zope/Plone Python Cookbook
2006-02-05 [Python Cookbook] A simple date class ... Python Cookbook
2006-02-04 [Python Cookbook] regexplace: regular expression search and replace Python Cookbook
2006-02-04 [Python Cookbook] Importer-specific module initialization Python Cookbook
2006-02-04 [Python Cookbook] Eight Queens using Generator Python Cookbook
2006-02-04 [Python Cookbook] A simple Object Relational Mapper Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] randomized integer range iterator Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] iTunes Alarm clock (wakeup with iTunes) Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] Send an HTML email with embedded image and plain text alternate Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] Instant GUI compiler for testing purpose Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] Eight Queens Python Cookbook
2006-02-03 [Python Cookbook] A generator to help flatten nested loops Python Cookbook
2006-02-02 Debugging and Full System Simulation Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-31 Tools for Systems Engineers Announced Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-31 Orchids and Onions: Round 4 Byte
2006-01-29 [Python Cookbook] Parameterized database functions Python Cookbook
2006-01-28 [Python Cookbook] processing options for a program that runs another program that has its own options Python Cookbook
2006-01-28 [Python Cookbook] a better better command line calculator Python Cookbook
2006-01-28 [Python Cookbook] Getting SYSTEM environment variable under Windows Python Cookbook
2006-01-28 [Python Cookbook] Dictionary with attribute-style access Python Cookbook
2006-01-28 [Python Cookbook] BaseDict -- a dict that (1) accesses data thru attributing (2) copy correctly Python Cookbook
2006-01-27 GNU Public License Updated for the First Time in Over a Decade Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-26 [Python Cookbook] How to Use Custom Dictionaries to Modify Attribute Lookup Python Cookbook
2006-01-26 SCM Strategies Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] simple, cooperative multitasking using generators Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] recursive sorting Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] mthread.py (version 2) Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] mthread.py Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] continuator Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Sorting big files the Python 2.4 way Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Simple exception logging Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Qt + Twisted (threadedselectreactor) Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Integer set type Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] IPv4 address set type Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Hierarchical Split Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Guaranteed conversion to unicode or byte string Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Graph Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Fast select Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Efficient character escapes decoding Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Closures For Highly Readable Sequence Sorting Customization Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Broken Test decorator Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] Another memoize Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 [Python Cookbook] A lazy, memoized attribute space. Python Cookbook
2006-01-25 Migrating Data Access to .NET Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-24 Orchids and Onions: Round 3 Byte
2006-01-22 Robots Attack Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-22 Orchids and Onions: Round 2 Byte
2006-01-22 Orchids and Onions: Round 1 Byte
2006-01-22 Dual-Core Software Development and the Macintosh Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-03 Linux.com: Presentations with Pylize Linux Today
2006-01-02 [Python Cookbook] Network Of Linked Dictionaries Python Cookbook
2005-12-30 [Python Cookbook] File Unzip (lite) Python Cookbook
2005-12-28 [Python Cookbook] threaded multipart FTP download via REST Python Cookbook
2005-12-28 [Python Cookbook] Yaptoo (Yaptu outrageously obfuscated) - or yet yet another templating utility Python Cookbook
2005-12-27 Firefox! Byte
2005-12-25 [Python Cookbook] Count how many times items in an iterable appear Python Cookbook
2005-12-24 [Python Cookbook] Simple decorator with arguments Python Cookbook
2005-12-22 [Python Cookbook] parse and create fixed size binary data (records / structs) Python Cookbook
2005-12-21 [Python Cookbook] Shared lock (aka reader-writer lock) with timeouts and FIFO ordering Python Cookbook
2005-12-20 [Python Cookbook] Basic synchronization decorator Python Cookbook
2005-12-20 Last Minute Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-12-18 [Python Cookbook] Resettable Timer Class Python Cookbook
2005-12-17 [Python Cookbook] Rebind class properties Python Cookbook
2005-12-16 [Python Cookbook] Trivia Template Python Cookbook
2005-12-15 [Python Cookbook] Write a file to a WebDAV Server Python Cookbook
2005-12-15 [Python Cookbook] War Game V4 Python Cookbook
2005-12-15 [Python Cookbook] Read tabular data from Excel spreadsheets the fast and easy way Python Cookbook
2005-12-14 [Python Cookbook] Call a Callback when a Tkinter.Text is Modified Python Cookbook
2005-12-13 [Python Cookbook] lin2win.py V2 Python Cookbook
2005-12-13 [Python Cookbook] hex_dump.py Python Cookbook
2005-12-13 [Python Cookbook] Profile Cleanup Python Cookbook
2005-12-13 The Christmas Chaos Continues Byte
2005-12-12 [Python Cookbook] INI file generator Python Cookbook
2005-12-12 [Python Cookbook] Generator Based Concurrency, with Real Threads when Needed. Python Cookbook
2005-12-11 [Python Cookbook] pkgconfig parser Python Cookbook
2005-12-11 [Python Cookbook] A class which keeps a (weak) reference to it's instances. Python Cookbook
2005-12-09 [Python Cookbook] Non-recursive (and non-tracking) traversal of a (DOM) tree Python Cookbook
2005-12-07 [Python Cookbook] ARFF to SQL converter Python Cookbook
2005-12-06 More Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-12-04 Programming for Reliability Dr. Dobbs
2005-12-03 [Python Cookbook] Get the actual and usable sizes of all the monitors on a multi-monitor Windows system Python Cookbook
2005-12-03 [Python Cookbook] Determine the available desktop area (primary monitor) on Windows Python Cookbook
2005-11-29 Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] SuperGlobal, access global values from every module Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Simple object distribution Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Reduce memory usage of "re" module Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Read OpenOffice Spreadsheet as list of lists (without UNO) Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] How to use twisted pb pager Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Hidden Scanner functionality in re module Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Debuging of object instantiation Python Cookbook
2005-11-28 [Python Cookbook] Debug runtime objects using gc.get_objects() Python Cookbook
2005-11-26 [Python Cookbook] Generate SQL for insertation into table from dictionary object Python Cookbook
2005-11-24 [Python Cookbook] Cubic spline interpolator Python Cookbook
2005-11-23 [Python Cookbook] An interval mapping data structure Python Cookbook
2005-11-23 Free Software Magazine: Hosting Service and Free Software Linux Today
2005-11-23 Dr. Dobbs
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Yet another reinvention of a Python HTML generation mechanism Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Read flash video (.flv files) metadata Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Purge Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Map Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] File Extractor Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Emacs-like hotkey support for wxPython Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 [Python Cookbook] Crypt Python Cookbook
2005-11-22 Sony and the Future of Copyright Byte
2005-11-19 [Python Cookbook] relative import shortcut Python Cookbook
2005-11-19 [Python Cookbook] Paypal IPN Python Cookbook
2005-11-19 [Python Cookbook] How to create a shuffle and duplicate removale function in python Python Cookbook
2005-11-19 [Python Cookbook] Automatic fields pickling Python Cookbook
2005-11-18 [Python Cookbook] using inner classes for transparent extensions to your class Python Cookbook
2005-11-17 [Python Cookbook] urrlib2 opener for SSL proxy (CONNECT method) Python Cookbook
2005-11-16 [Python Cookbook] sets using a sorted list of integers representing the items Python Cookbook
2005-11-16 [Python Cookbook] Using re.match, re.search, and re.group in if ... elif ... elif ... else ... Python Cookbook
2005-11-16 [Python Cookbook] Type-checking decorator Python Cookbook
2005-11-16 [Python Cookbook] References for Python. Python Cookbook
2005-11-16 [Python Cookbook] Convert DB Fixed-Width Output to CSV Format Python Cookbook
2005-11-15 Don't Steal This Column Byte
2005-11-11 [Python Cookbook] cherrypy RESTResource Python Cookbook
2005-11-08 [Python Cookbook] How to add cookies/headers to SOAPpy calls Python Cookbook
2005-11-08 Of Mice and DVD Drives Byte
2005-11-07 [Python Cookbook] Module to allow Asynchronous subprocess use on Windows and Posix platforms Python Cookbook
2005-11-04 [Python Cookbook] Formats current exception with stack trace so that it fits in single line and has known encoding. Python Cookbook
2005-11-03 [Python Cookbook] Windows network file transfers Python Cookbook
2005-11-03 [Python Cookbook] Fix ugly file names to be UNIX shell-friendly. Python Cookbook
2005-11-03 [Python Cookbook] Echo input with a time delay after each line Python Cookbook
2005-11-03 [Python Cookbook] Covert Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 files to CSV report Python Cookbook
2005-11-02 [Python Cookbook] Extracting *.tar.gz files in Windows ... Python Cookbook
2005-11-02 [Python Cookbook] Converting directories of text files from Unix to Windows ... Python Cookbook
2005-11-02 [Python Cookbook] Caching decorator with timeout, selective invalidation Python Cookbook
2005-11-01 [Python Cookbook] ExtraMenu - a TkInter menu with arbitrary widgets as sub-menus Python Cookbook
2005-11-01 Pod People Byte
2005-10-31 [Python Cookbook] Pattern List Python Cookbook
2005-10-30 [Python Cookbook] Twisted / BitTorrent :: Client / Server Python Cookbook
2005-10-30 .NET Cast: VB6 to VB.NET Upgrade Metrics Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-29 [Python Cookbook] Using sorting order of your country/culture when sorting (collate,locale) Python Cookbook
2005-10-29 [Python Cookbook] IPv6 Multicast Python Cookbook
2005-10-29 [Python Cookbook] Artificial Windows Python Cookbook
2005-10-29 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-27 [Python Cookbook] War Game (Version 3) Python Cookbook
2005-10-27 The Beat Goes On Byte
2005-10-27 In Defense of Microsoft Byte
2005-10-26 [Python Cookbook] Python source to XHTML colorizer Python Cookbook
2005-10-26 [Python Cookbook] Creating Browser-Based Desktop Apps with CherryPy 2.1 Python Cookbook
2005-10-25 [Python Cookbook] win32 process information Python Cookbook
2005-10-25 [Python Cookbook] Get Tree Representation of Loaded Python Modules Python Cookbook
2005-10-24 [Python Cookbook] Avoiding having to type long attribute names in interactive use Python Cookbook
2005-10-23 [Python Cookbook] Simple HTTP server supporting SSL secure communications Python Cookbook
2005-10-23 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-22 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-21 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-20 [Python Cookbook] Increment numbers in a string Python Cookbook
2005-10-20 [Python Cookbook] Email pretty tracebacks to yourself (or someone you love) Python Cookbook
2005-10-20 [Python Cookbook] Delete directories except special administration ones Python Cookbook
2005-10-19 [Python Cookbook] Generator expressions for database requests Python Cookbook
2005-10-19 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-18 [Python Cookbook] using inner classes for properties Python Cookbook
2005-10-18 [Python Cookbook] TryFinally Python Cookbook
2005-10-18 [Python Cookbook] Simple web request benchmark Python Cookbook
2005-10-18 Digital Life Conference: A Report Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-18 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-17 wxPython -- A set of Python extension modules that wrap the cross-platform GUI classes from wxWindows. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] performance testing with a pystone measurement decorator Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] pack multiple images of different sizes into one image Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Use frame inspection to simplify template usage Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Split string on capitalized/uppercase char Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Simple AJAX with javascript JSON parser Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Safe heap queue class Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] SMTP Mailsink Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Reusing default function arguments Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Rendering Arbitrary Objects with CherryPy Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Memory compacted list of bits Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Memoization with cache cleared on return of last function call Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Making telephone calls from your python program using Voicent Gateway Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] List mixin Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Infinite Character Password Generator Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Function emulation using __class__ Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Determine size of console window on Windows Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Decorator to make a decorated call in a separate thread with timeout Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Decoding a Shift (or Rotation, or Caesar) Cipher (or Code) Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 [Python Cookbook] Asynchronous HTTP server Python Cookbook
2005-10-17 WideStudio -- WideStudio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building window applications in C++, Ruby, Python an Perl for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS and other unix and BTRON and T-Engine. This is open and free (under MIT/X Consortiun Lice Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Webware for Python -- Webware for Python is a suite of components for dynamic, server-side web development. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Tk Toolkit -- Tk is a GUI toolkit for Tcl. It is also shared by TkPerl and Python ' s TkInter. This project is part of the Tcl Foundry. Sourceforge