2006-10-31 Tips for Designing High-performance Amplifier Subsystems Byte
2006-10-31 Image Processing Trends Byte
2006-10-31 Five Recovery Apps Bring Your PC Back From The Dead Byte
2006-10-25 Utilizing Advanced FPGA Features Byte
2006-10-25 The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online Byte
2006-10-25 Seven Best Practices to Achieving Higher Levels of Compliance Byte
2006-10-25 Operating System Options for Consumer Devices Byte
2006-07-25 Voting Software Byte
2006-07-25 Recycle Old Hardware the "Green" Way Byte
2006-07-25 Now It's A Quad-Core War Byte
2006-07-25 Five Things You Must Know About VoIP Byte
2006-07-25 Building a Linux Audio Player Byte
2006-07-18 Six Ways To Protect Your Wireless Network Byte
2006-07-18 Review: Archos 104 Byte
2006-07-18 Intel's Conroe vs. AMD's Dual-Core Athlon Byte
2006-07-18 Implementing an openIP Encryption Flow Byte
2006-07-18 Gliding Into the Future Byte
2006-07-18 Build a 'Double-Powered' Gaming PC Byte
2006-07-11 Malware Responses: What To Do Before, During, And After An Attack Byte
2006-07-11 Making the Switch from CRT to LCD Displays Byte
2006-07-11 Linksys Wireless-G WVC200 PTZ Internet Camera with Audio Byte
2006-07-11 5 Things To Know Before Installing Office 2007 Beta 2 Byte
2006-07-05 Using Supercapacitors to Extend Alkaline Battery Life in Portable Designs Byte
2006-07-05 Six Things You Didn't Know About Linux: A Beginners' Guide Byte
2006-07-05 Seven Superb Tools Byte
2006-07-05 New C++ Datatypes Accelerate Algorithm Validation Byte
2006-07-05 Convert a PC into a Low-Cost Cash Register Byte
2006-07-05 A Little Bit of Charity Byte
2006-06-27 The Sound of Smart Music Byte
2006-06-27 Office 2007 Byte
2006-06-27 Implementing an Open IP Encryption Flow Byte
2006-06-27 Head To Head: Novell SUSE Linux vs. Windows Vista Byte
2006-06-27 Can Direct Current Power Data Centers? Byte
2006-06-27 Build a PC-based Home Security System Byte
2006-06-20 Now We Know Byte
2006-06-13 FlexGo and a New Form of Literacy Byte
2006-06-06 The Merry Month of May Byte
2006-05-29 Working with Laptop Hardware Byte
2006-05-23 Repair or Replace? Byte
2006-05-16 A Day at the Beach Byte
2006-05-09 Not Just Yet! Byte
2006-05-02 Hired Girl Byte
2006-04-26 Make Magazine Byte
2006-04-18 VISTA and Pournelle's Law Byte
2006-04-11 Boot Camp Byte
2006-04-06 Converting to C++/CLI Dr. Dobbs
2006-04-04 On the Go Byte
2006-03-31 Source Code Integration Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-29 The Tour de Converter Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-28 Building on eBay Web Services Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-27 Blu-ray, HD DVD, and Sony Bets the Company Byte
2006-03-25 Prototype DBMS Addresses Uncertainty; Proof-Carrying Code Workshop Planned Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-22 Sun Announces New Developer Programs Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-22 Challenges in .NET Functional Equivalence Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-20 The Return of Ma Bell Byte
2006-03-17 Translating .NET to .NET Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-15 Web Service "Amazon S3" Gives Developers Simple Data Storage Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-15 CMP Media Launches New Dr. Dobb's Journal Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-14 No Bye Bye Blackbery Byte
2006-03-08 .NET Convergence or Divergence? Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-07 The Future of Commercial Open Source Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-07 Steve McConnell on Software Estimation Dr. Dobbs
2006-03-06 Smile! A Happy Ending Byte
2006-03-01 Quantum Cryptography Research Advances and IBM Research May Extend Moore's Law Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-28 Google In China Byte
2006-02-28 A Look at AJAX and Web 2.0 Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-24 Computational Biology and Nanotube Ultracapacitors Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-22 VB6 to .NET: A Look Back at the Road Ahead Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-21 Moving Over the Software Byte
2006-02-16 New Ada Standard on the Horizon Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-15 XML and ADO.NET Best Practices Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-15 Web Services and Mobile Devices Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-14 Hall of Fame Inductees and ACM-ICPC World Finals Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-13 Building Alexis Byte
2006-02-09 Infrastructure Management Institute Launched Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-07 Algorithm Accuracy and Artificial Vision Dr. Dobbs
2006-02-06 The New York Camera Store Scam Byte
2006-02-02 Debugging and Full System Simulation Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-31 Tools for Systems Engineers Announced Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-31 Orchids and Onions: Round 4 Byte
2006-01-27 GNU Public License Updated for the First Time in Over a Decade Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-26 SCM Strategies Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-25 Migrating Data Access to .NET Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-24 Orchids and Onions: Round 3 Byte
2006-01-22 Robots Attack Dr. Dobbs
2006-01-22 Orchids and Onions: Round 2 Byte
2006-01-22 Orchids and Onions: Round 1 Byte
2006-01-22 Dual-Core Software Development and the Macintosh Dr. Dobbs
2005-12-27 Internetnews: Startups Board the AJAX Bandwagon Linux Today
2005-12-27 Firefox! Byte
2005-12-20 Last Minute Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-12-13 The Christmas Chaos Continues Byte
2005-12-11 Programming for Reliability Dr. Dobbs
2005-12-07 More Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-11-29 Christmas Chaos Byte
2005-11-22 Sony and the Future of Copyright Byte
2005-11-15 Don't Steal This Column Byte
2005-11-08 Of Mice and DVD Drives Byte
2005-11-01 Pod People Byte
2005-10-30 .NET Cast: VB6 to VB.NET Upgrade Metrics Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-30 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-27 The Beat Goes On Byte
2005-10-27 In Defense of Microsoft Byte
2005-10-25 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-22 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-21 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-20 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-18 Digital Life Conference: A Report Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-18 Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-17 xml for SCRIPT -- XML for SCRIPT is a powerful, standards-compliant JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help web application designers implement cross platform applications that take advantage of client-side manipulation of XML data. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 w3m -- w3m is a pager and/or text-based browser. It can handle table, cookies, authentication, and almost everything except JavaScript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 ixlib -- A C++ utility library featuring a javascript interpreter, regular expressions, automatic arrays, garbage collection, matrix handling, planar geometry (regions etc) and other useful features. Blends well with STL code. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 aynHTML -- A wysiwyg HTML editor for use with IE 6 and above. Written in JavaScript and implemented as hypertext components ( custom behaviours ). Support for tables, images, stylesheets, and much more. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 XS DHTML Editor -- A web-based HTML editor written in DHTML/ JavaScript . The look-and-feel follows Microsoft apps such as Word and Outlook. The " control " is implemented as a DHTML Behavior, allowing it to be used with only a couple lines of code added to a standard web pa Sourceforge
2005-10-17 XML Conformance Testing -- This project hosts various resources involved in conformance testing for XML and related standards. Initially it supports XML (SAX/Java and DOM/ JavaScript ) testing, with XML Schema and other standards anticipated in the near future. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 WebChess -- A great persistant online chess game using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/ JavaScript on the front-end, which includes move validation, CHECK checking, pawn promotion and undo. It also has a login system which allows multiple simultaneous games. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 The Dillo web browser -- Dillo is a graphical web browser that ' s completely written in C, very fast, small in code and binary (less than 230 Kb!). It basically depends on GTK+, and renders a good subset of HTML (no frames), no jvm, no javascript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Struts Menu -- Web menuing framework for JSP and Struts based applications. Menus can be defined in an XML file and displayed through the use of JSP tags. Support for dynamic javascript menus is included. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Stanford Team Wins DARPA Grand Challenge Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-17 Philex -- Philex, is a new generation of website content manager based on PHP, Javascript and MySQL/LDAP/MSACCES.... This open source application, is intended to be a professional tool for managing websites content, and also, to be used inside an Intranet Sourceforge
2005-10-17 PHP Layers Menu -- A DHTML menu system providing also accessibility (no- JavaScript ) solutions. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 OpenTerracotta -- Written using PHP/ JavaScript and CSS this is a document/image gallery management system, that does not require the use of a backend to store META data. Feather weight in size and heavy weight in features, it is ideal for customization. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu -- Morten ' s JavaScript Tree Menu is a Windows Explorer(tm)-like hierarchial menu system for websites using Ecma/ JavaScript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Mesh Networks and the Connected Home Dr. Dobbs
2005-10-17 LibWeb -- LibWeb is a Perl library and toolkit for building a community web site and applications . It features members authentication, a concise, easy to use database API and template-driven, dynamic HTML page generation without using PHP/ASP/SSI/ Javascript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 JavaScript User Interfaces -- JavaScript User Interfaces is a reusable module-based JavaScript library for making graphical OS-like Dynamic HTML , or DHTML , objects such as windows, popup menus, taskbars, etc. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 JLog/JScriptLog - Prolog in Java* -- JLog is a Prolog interpreter written in Java. It is fast and perfectly suited for education. It includes source editor, query panels, online help, animation primitives, and a GUI debugger. JScriptLog is Prolog in JavaScript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 HTML Text Editor for Web Pages -- An HTML Text Editor written using DHTML, JavaScript and Scriptlet technologies allows WYSIWYG editing of HTML from within a web page. Ideal for use as a forum message editor or anywhere else description text is required. Developed as a component for ea Sourceforge
2005-10-17 HTML Document Object -- The HTML Document Object is a Perl Module that allows you to quickly and easily create Dynamic HTML pages without having to specify the framework. You specify the content and it does all the work. Supports HTML 4.0, cookies, frames, javascript , etc. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 FCKeditor -- Online text editor (DHTML editor), for ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, PHP, Java and JavaScript brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of known desktop editors like Word. It ' s XHTML compliant and works with Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and IE. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Ethereal Realms -- Ethereal Realms, a concept chat server based loosely on WBS and IFC which are both now defunct. This server utilizing Perl and PostgresSQL emulates what WBS had (Streaming, Framed and Basic chat) while removing the need for Javascript and Cookies. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Comet WebFileManager -- Complete web-based File-manager with Explorer-like interface. Requirements: server- > Php4; client- > browser with frames, javascript and css support Sourceforge
2005-10-17 BlackNova Traders -- BlackNova Traders is a web-based, multi-player space exploration game inspired by the popular BBS game of TradeWars. It is coded using PHP, SQL, and Javascript . Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Audiere Audio System -- Audiere is a portable audio library which supports playing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WAV, IT, XM, S3M, and MOD files. You can use it from C, C++, Python, Java, Delphi, and any language that supports XPCOM ( JavaScript in Mozilla, for example). Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Almonaster -- Almonaster is a turn-based multi-player war game. It is free for all players and comes with absolutely no warranty. The game is fully web-based and requires no downloads, Javascript , Java or ActiveX controls. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 ARSC Really Simple Chat -- ARSC is a webchat system that uses PHP and MySQL and allows comfortable chatting with every browser on the surface of this planet, using JavaScript , frames HTML streaming for modern browsers down to a one-page reload-yourself version for text browsers. Sourceforge
2005-10-17 Dr. Dobbs
2005-01-17 XML Photo Album -- Creates an XML file with photo album data, and includes XML, XSL, CSS, and a dash of javascript to display the album in thumbnail view and one-image-per-page view, all clientside. Includes visual basic GUI for generateing directory structure and xml. Sourceforge
2005-01-17 SALWAlib - ASP Library -- SALWAlib is an ASP (Active Server Pages) library of functions an subroutines written in VBScript/ JavaScript to help in the development of web sites suported by databases. Sourceforge
2005-01-09 Formcat: form validation generator. -- Formcat 1.01 is a class for form validation in client-side.Its design goal is to generate the javascript for client-side validation as easy and flexible as possible.It runs on Smarty as a powerful plug-in.Formcat has no function for server-side validatio Sourceforge
2005-01-08 XBL in JS -- An implementation of XBL-style widget writing in pure cross-platform JavaScript , DOM 1, and CSS 1. Sourceforge
2005-01-07 Mapbender -- Mapbender is a management platform for geospatial data infrastructures (Web-GIS and geo data suite). It is implemented in PHP, JavaScript and SQL. Mapbender provides user interfaces and management for any kind of OGC standardized map and feature service Sourceforge
2005-01-05 Examination Results Explorer -- ERE-The Examination Results Explorer is an advanced web application basically designed to give the students of a school, and the school faculty, access to a detailed and analytical view of their examination results (Technologies:PHP,MySQL, JavaScript ) Sourceforge
2004-12-29 xulRecordset -- xulRecordset is a project to create XUL widgets library with a recordset behavior. The project uses PHP language in server-side and derived XUL widgets (XBL - Mozilla technology) and Javascript in client-side. The comunication are supported by JPSpan. Sourceforge
2004-12-27 Natural DTD -- NaturalDTD translates a DTD to html pages or another text based file format by interpreting xml and javascript in a template driven system. Sourceforge
2004-12-25 HTML-based CSS Editor -- HtmlCssEditor can enrich a web-based html editors by adding possibility to create css elements using a GUI. The editor contains an easy to use javascript API that allows easy integration with the html editor. Sourceforge
2004-12-05 Personal Site Manager -- PSM (Personal Site Manager) is an easy to use CMS (content management system) for simple content sites. Uses PHP, flat file (no SQL needed) and a Javascript HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Support lite template and versioning. Sourceforge
2004-12-05 JSPChecker -- JSPChecker is a source-code checker for JSPs. It parses JSP / HTML pages for usage of particular tags and scripts such as HTML FORM, Javascript , in-page Java, scriptlets, and custom regular expressions either through an ANT task or command-line tool. Sourceforge
2004-11-29 SwingWeb -- SwingWeb is an AWT toolkit implementation that enables AWT/Swing applications to be deployed in web container and run on the client browser as web-based application in HTML/ Javascript /CSS without any code change on the application. Sourceforge
2004-11-29 JPSpan -- JPSPAN provides tools to " hook up " PHP and Javascript , for the purpose of fetching data from PHP into a web page which has already loaded, without reloading the entire page. It allows you to call remote PHP objects as local Javascript objects Sourceforge
2004-11-29 DeskBlox -- Deskblox is a scripting engine that integrates simple graphical widgets seamlessly onto the desktop. Widgets can be authored using JavaScript or Python. Sourceforge
2004-11-03 Xtree.NET -- Xtree.NET is a .NET/Mono webcontrol which produces a Windows Explorer like menu system. Works on most common browsers (ie, netscape, opera etc.).Based on Javascript and DHTML. The webcontrol is developed in C#. Sourceforge
2004-10-29 Cobalt Web Builder -- Cobalt Web Builder is ANOTHER WAY of authoring HTML documents than WYSIWYG editors or simple text editors. The software uses TEMPLATE and SUBSTITUTION, which helps editing web document EASY and QUICK, especially when using CSS and JAVASCRIPT . Sourceforge
2004-10-24 www project -- " border="0"> Savannah
2004-10-24 Tipue -- Tipue is a JavaScript site search engine. It works with any browser that supports JavaScript 1.3 and at least partially supports the W3C DOM Level 1. Tipue is small and lightweight at less than 9Kb. Sourceforge
2004-10-23 Endsheet -- Endsheet is a .NET web site indexer that saves the contents of a site to file. It can spider local files or the web, and save to an XML, JavaScript , CSV or text file. It requires that the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is installed. Sourceforge
2004-10-23 Academic Publications Database -- The Academic Publications Database project is a suite of Perl, Javascript , and HTML code for the web-based maintenance, display, and searching of a database of academic publications. Sourceforge
2004-10-22 Tanjasys 1.0 -- Javascript -based user interface, what contains some useful programs like Alarm clock, users chat and web making script TT WebMaker Sourceforge
2004-10-21 Report Requirement Documenter (RRD) -- Used to gather and store business/technical requirements for enterprise report development. BI reporting apps like Cognos and Brio exist, but we lack a good open source requirement doc system. Dev'd with php, MySQL, & javascript . Runs on Win & Linux. Sourceforge
2004-10-20 MyGosuClan -- Current projects: mygosumenu (dhtml menus), JsTetris, JavascriptDecoder, SimpleTextEditor, sugolib (collection of php classes/libraries). Sourceforge
2004-10-13 Aggregating with Atom Linux Journal
2004-09-16 SmartGallery -- SmartGallery is constructed as a thumbnails page where clicking on a small image will open a separate page which displays a big image. While a big image is displayed, the next one is preloaded automatically. Ideal for slow connections. Javascript based. Sourceforge
2004-09-13 FoReX -- FoReX - Forms & Reports engine written in php. Inspired by weberp, this package uses direct serialized communication between javascript and php to add dynamic web forms content without page reloads. Forms with tab controls, report outputs in pdf. Sourceforge
2004-09-08 Letters to the Editor Linux Journal
2004-09-08 Fedora Core Advisories: kdebase, kdelibs, lha Linux Today
2004-09-07 Sort and filter HTML table -- This is a JavaScript library for Internet Explorer 5.5 and newer versions. It allows you to create a data table which can be sorted by any column and also provides a data filtering functionality similar to Excel autofilter. Sourceforge
2004-08-28 dFTree Dynamic Javascript Folder Tree -- DFTree is a javascript +css folder tree with dynamic node insertion/erasing/alteration and other functionalities. It is also very lightweight and easy to use. Sourceforge
2004-08-20 Shadows Rising RPG -- Shadows Rising RPG Game Engine will allow users to add items, classes, quests, NPCs and locations to create a custom RPG powered by the core engine. Includes the default Shadows Rising Game Module. Written with PHP, Javascript , MySQL/PostgreSQL and XHTML Sourceforge
2004-08-19 Geosphere -- The Geosphere project provides a versatile interactive globe Java 1.1 applet which can be embedded in web pages. You can use the globe to display points that are linked to URLs and/or use it to input coordinates via a javascript interface. Sourceforge
2004-08-17 jsedit -- A javascript and php based editor for php. Features file management functions and a syntax hilighting editor written in javascript . Sourceforge
2004-08-12 CryptoMX Tools -- CryptoMX is collection of encryption, steganography, and conversion tools. They work with all Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and JavaScript Browsers. Sourceforge
2004-08-11 WordPress Linux Journal
2004-08-11 Space-Time ProcessingLinux Style Linux Journal
2004-08-05 myWebProxy -- myWebProxy is webproxy writen in PHP, but runs on browser, this supports: - Forms, for now myWebProxy converts method= " POST " to method= " GET " - CSS - JavaScript - Download binary files - Java Applets - Flash Movies Sourceforge
2004-08-03 OpenTerracotta -- Written using PHP/ JavaScript and CSS this is a document/image gallery management system, that does not require the use of a backend to store META data. Feather weight in size and heavy weight in features, it is ideal for customization. Sourceforge
2004-07-28 Virtual Online Aquarium -- A virtual aquarium online, one that can be set as the background for your desktop using the active desktop option. It features life-like movement of fishes, plants and other sea creatures. Developed in pure javascript for Internet Explorer. Sourceforge
2004-07-28 Can GNU ever be Unix? Newsforge
2004-07-25 MarkTree -- Manage your bookmarks and notes anywhere! Simple, extensible and easy-to-use Web-based bookmark management and tree UI tool. Bookmarks are stored as text files and managed with PHP. Javascript -based keyboard navigation. No database required. Sourceforge
2004-07-23 Open source winning in federal government, slowly Newsforge
2004-07-23 Linux symposium examines technicalities of upcoming Perl 6 Newsforge
2004-07-22 Ottawa Linux symposium offers insight into kernel changes Newsforge
2004-07-21 Novell federal buying deal comes with new fed workforce blood Newsforge
2004-07-21 ASCIIMathML -- ASCIIMathML.js: a JavaScript to convert calculator-style ASCII math notation (and many LaTeX formulas) to Presentation MathML while your webpage loads. Works with HTML and XHTML in Internet Explorer 6+MathPlayer and Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+. Sourceforge
2004-07-20 Choosing an open source license Newsforge
2004-07-20 'Creative destruction' and the future of the software industry Newsforge
2004-07-19 Surviving in a world full of software patents Newsforge
2004-07-13 The downlow on Mono Newsforge
2004-07-11 JavaScript Development Utilities -- JavaScript Development Utilities is a set of tools to aid the JavaScript development lifecycle. Features include a compression framework, and JavaDoc-like website generation. Tools are written in Java 1.3.1. Sourceforge
2004-07-09 PHPIM -- phpIM will hopefully turn into an entirely PHP/ Javascript driven chat solution modeled along the lines of AIM, or MS's Instant messenger product, complete with buddy lists, etc. The goal is to offer a way for a site to create communities. Sourceforge
2004-07-03 GoldLiveSupport -- A live Help support chat system, like Liveperson, Humanclick, PhpLive, developed in Javascript and ASP with Sql server or access Database that allows the operators of the websites to monitor their visitors. You can invite or receive a chat to visitors. Sourceforge
2004-07-02 FormEntry -- FormEntry allows you to to generate an HTML interface for one or more SQL tables directly from the definition of the SQL tables. It includes the ability to generate elaborate checking of the form result using generated Javascript or PHP code provided by Sourceforge
2004-06-29 Rise of Evil -- Rise of Evil is a 2d isometric browser based game made using asp/ javascript . It's not laggy even with 56k modem the true speed is determined by the speed of the computer itself. Once the project is in alpha you will be able to host a server yourself. Sourceforge
2004-06-29 R-Slideshow -- javascript software to create a slide show Sourceforge
2004-06-23 Swim Fish Swim -- Swim Fish Swim - swim meet scoring software. Very lightweight (currently 100% JavaScript and HTML) and eventually cross-browser, Swim Fish Swim provides a fairly simple user interface for scoring a swim meet. Prints results and award labels. Sourceforge
2004-06-15 HTML Richtext Editor -- This project will be written in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript . Major features : WYSIWYG page edition, creation's wizards, accessibility, online help ... Sourceforge
2004-06-10 A GUI for ps(1) Built with Mozilla Linux Journal
2004-06-07 Sylex PHP forms -- Is a collection of PHP classes understood to create html forms (form generator) in a quick and simple way. 14 field types with javascript validation, front-end to create it and easy way to create edition forms to modify mySQL database. Sourceforge
2004-06-05 XDFLengine -- Full XML application server designed to build high performance applications based on XML technologies in no time. Runs on Win32 and Unixes and includes database features (Oracle, MS SQLServer, PostGreSQL, MySQL), javascript , XSLT , cryptography, ... Sourceforge
2004-06-04 IE7 -- IE7 is a collection of CSS style sheets, DHTML Behaviors and JavaScript files that provide a layer of W3C standards compatibility for Micrsoft Internet Explorer 5+. Sourceforge
2004-06-02 Javascript Utilities -- A comprehensive Javascript library for allowing web application developers. It comprises of functions for validating multiple controls in a form, enhancing existing form elements such as selectbox and other reusable controls. Sourceforge
2004-05-31 XUL Utility Library -- xulib is library of utility classes in JavaScript and other languages to help development of remote Mozilla XUL applications more efficient Sourceforge
2004-05-31 Javascript Browser Sniffer -- JSBrwSniff is a browser-sniffer written in JavaScript (EcmaScript) Sourceforge
2004-05-02 Double Entry Based Transation System -- Double Entry Based Transaction System (DEBTS). A web based personal finance application written in PHP / MySQL. Support for multiple users. Compatible with most frame / javascript capable web browsers. Sourceforge
2004-04-30 Zap Annoyances on the Web, Part II Linux Journal
2004-04-29 Zap Annoyances on the Web, Part I Linux Journal
2004-04-27 Cliff's List Filter - April 22 - 27 linux.com
2004-04-27 Cliff's List Filter - April 22 - 27 linux.com
2004-04-26 Compressing Web Content Linux Journal
2004-04-21 PyCon DC 2004 Linux Journal
2004-04-17 Moderated chatserver using PHP/mysql -- ModChat is a very small chatserver using PHP and mysql. Rooms can be moderated or not. Traffic is minimized through javascript document.write an dynamic refresh-delay. Now with easy integration into phpcms. Sourceforge
2004-04-08 BC ImageServer -- BC ImageServer is a PHP/ Javascript frontend for ImageMagick. It provides you with an interface for manipulating images via internet. The produced images can be inserted into your webproject via an url for the html img-tag. Sourceforge
2004-04-06 Countdown Timers -- Two programs, one in Java and one in Javascript , which display a configurable graphical countdown timer on a computer. Useful for testing situations and short-range anticipated events. Sourceforge
2004-04-05 ftpAnywhere -- The ftpAnywhere project,which is is written in PHP and JavaScript ,is based on the purpose of getting access to ftp site anywhere even if there's no ftp client,with ftpAnywhere,as long as you've got a browser,you can ftp. Sourceforge
2004-03-30 TinyMCE -- TinyMCE is a platform independent webbased Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control, developed in JavaScript /ECMAScript and it's main features include theme/template support, language support and plugin extentions. Sourceforge
2004-03-29 Quick VLSM -- A web browser based calculator written in HTML and JavaScript that will calculate the Variable Length Subnet Masking for your network. Simply enter your CIDR block address/mask and the number of addresses you need in each network, and it does the rest. Sourceforge
2004-03-29 JSSindex: JavaScript Search Engine -- JSSindex (The JavaScript Search Engine) provides full-text search for collections of documents in HTML, PS, PDF, and DjVu. The index and query engine are entirely contained in JavaScript /HTML files. Therefore, searching merely requires a Web browser. Sourceforge
2004-03-21 javascript toy for web development -- Useful javascript librarys for web development. e.g. form validation, dhtml popups, and etc... Sourceforge
2004-03-09 Real-World PHP Security Linux Journal
2004-03-09 At the Forge: COREBlog Linux Journal
2004-03-01 KDE launches Quality Teams Project Newsforge
2004-02-16 An introduction to the Contemplate Web Templating System Newsforge
2004-02-16 An introduction to the Contemplate Web Templating System Newsforge
2004-02-05 Be4gle -- Be4gle is a web services layer for MySQL that exposes the database as a SOAP server. HTML forms and a generic javascript soap client is generated from XML templates enabling client side data binding and event-driven web applications. Sourceforge
2004-01-31 IWeaver Web Editor -- IWeaver is an open source web page builder written for Windows. It allows you to edit sources for JavaScript and HTML (in source or visual mode). It has some useful features helping you in creation of your pages. You can also use JavaScript templates so Sourceforge
2004-01-24 [K]Syntax -- Syntax highlight system using JavaScript for any aviable programming language. -Unlimited extensibility -Posibility of creation specific rules of literal detection -Adjustable literals output styles -Detection of "bordered" and word-literals literals Sourceforge
2004-01-18 gNumerator -- A computer math system that interactivly hosts standard scripting languages such as JavaScript , can display 2D and 3D plots using OpenGL, and exposes an extensive object model including full MathML DOM to its scripts. Sourceforge
2004-01-18 Web Application Gateway -- WAG (Web Application Gateway) provides core functionality, such as user definition, authentication and administration, for web applications developed as modules and utilizing the API exposed by WAG. Core technologies are PHP, MySQL and JavaScript . Sourceforge
2004-01-18 My SQL Data Browser -- MSDB - My SQL Data Browser. A WEB Database Browser with an Excel like GUI written in php/mysql and Javascript . Sourceforge
2004-01-17 JaDy Buddy-List Mail-O-Mat -- A procmail filter program and web-page tuning tool to deliver only wanted mail by using block/buddy lists and naive Bayesian statistical analysis. using Apache, sendmail, procmail, perl, php, html and javascript . Sourceforge
2004-01-17 Advertise with Us O'Reilly Network
2004-01-11 Saudi Arabia: Linux advocates in white robes Newsforge
2004-01-11 Saudi Arabia: Linux advocates in white robes Newsforge
2004-01-11 Christophe & David -- Simple website made with php and classes. No database is required. It works with csv text and xml files and autodetection. Use of style sheet and javascript is permitted. It is not for portails only for personal use. Sourceforge
2004-01-09 Cooking with Linux: The Customer Is Always Served Linux Journal
2004-01-09 AstroFlowGuard Appliance Linux Journal
2004-01-07 OpenWebBuilder -- OpenWebBuilder is a Open Web Development IDE written in Delphi for Windows which supports all important Web Languages such as (X)HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript , PHP and Perl. Sourceforge
2004-01-07 Notepad++ -- Notepad++ is a Scintilla-based source editor (c, c++, java, html, xml, php, javascript etc...) written in C++ with the win32 API (without MFC). The aim of Notepad++ is to offer the programmer a better GUI and to offer the general user a bette Sourceforge
2003-12-23 antonioglezproy -- El proyecto es una página que se basa en una base de datos de mySql y esta construida con php, algo de javascript , y html. Se trata de uha simulacion de tienda o aparador de productos de computo, un usuario comun puede acceder a la informacion contenida e Sourceforge
2003-12-13 doiMenu -- A DHTML menu bar that can be use integrated on your browser. Based on JavaScript languange. You can very easly use and modified to your needs. For while please refer to http://doimenu.sourceforge.net or http://www.donnaiwan.com/doiMenu/ Sourceforge
2003-12-13 Web Image Security -- Web Image Security combines some javascript , php, and htaccess techniques to make it extremely challenging for would-be image- or bandwidth-thieves from violating your image copyrights via bulk download, scripted download, or unethical hyper-linking. Sourceforge
2003-12-13 Epoz -- Epoz is a cross-browser WYSIWYG-editor written in JavaScript . It supports Internet Explorer 5.5+, Mozilla 1.3.1+ and Netscape 7.1+. Highlights: document centric editing, HTTP PUT support, clean architecture, pluggability and async saving. Sourceforge
2003-11-29 quickSub -- quickSub is a Javascript function that adds intelligence to the RSS/Atom/XML feed button on your web page. quickSub will enable you to offer your visitors one-click subscription links to the most popular aggregators and newsreaders. Sourceforge
2003-11-25 CSS-2 Browser Patch -- JavaScript CSS-2 Patches for IE and other legacy browsers. Sourceforge
2003-11-24 JSPackaging Framework -- Need to simplify and add structure to your JavaScript ? JSPackaging is an elegant solution created to provide JavaScript developers with Well-defined Data & Functionality Encapsulation, clear Dependency Definition, and Simplified External Script load Sourceforge
2003-11-24 FormattedDataSet API -- The FormattedDataSet Java API is the easiest way to generate dynamic text (HTML, XML, WML, JavaScript ,...). The dynamic text is generated by using tabular data as input (SQL statements, ResultSets, 2 dimensional arrays,...). Sourceforge
2003-11-21 BLADE UI Toolkit -- An HTML widget set for XSL. Allows XSL-based apps to create rollovers, tabs, drillable trees, DHTML popups, etc. Useful for static mockups and web environments like stxx. Javascript and CSS code can be used independently of the XSL. Sourceforge
2003-11-13 jsSplitter -- jsSplitter - toolbox for javascript preprocessing (Concatenates a .js file, or a series of .js files, to a single file .Compress a javascript code by removing comments,blank spaces,linefeeds .) Include CUI and commandline utility programs,ant task,jsp ta Sourceforge
2003-11-11 Percussion's ECM Now Available for Linux Newsforge
2003-11-08 b4s Playlist Parser -- We intend to create a b4s Playlist Parser, that parses Winamp3\'s XML-based b4s format, using client-side JavaScript and XMLDOM. Sourceforge
2003-11-08 OpenFlow -- OpenFlow is a web based print magazine publishing workflow management system. Controls editorial planning to imposition. It uses XHTML (strict), CSS, javascript , PHP, MySQL (optional), XML, XSL, RDF, easy configuration and customization. Sourceforge
2003-11-06 New Products Linux Journal
2003-11-06 Cross-Platform CD Index Linux Journal
2003-11-05 PHPMailTo: -- PHPMailTo: is a PHP processor for email address links, it attempts to thwart the practices of spammers who harvest emails. It does not suffer from the flaws of other popular practices like JavaScript fixes, mailto: modifications or Unicode translations. Sourceforge
2003-11-05 Ninebit taglib -- Java JSP GUI taglib containing a Tree component that generates a JavaScript tree. A very powerful table component with selections, dialogs and links. A tabbed pane component. The API allows you to create or customize your own component through interfaces. Sourceforge
2003-11-01 Zend, Sun bringing PHP to the enterprise Newsforge
2003-11-01 Zend, Sun bringing PHP to the enterprise Newsforge
2003-11-01 PHP2Go Web Development Framework -- PHP2Go is a framework built to help developers and begginer programmers to create Web-based Systems. It's and object-oriented, structured and hierarchical set of classes and libraries developed using PHP, XML and JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-10-29 xmu: xml-menu -- xmu (xml Menu) uses libxml2 to parse a xml-File that describes a menu. It then produces output that represents a menu, mainly for use on a website. One can output AA and Javascript menus to date. Sourceforge
2003-10-29 Language Learning System -- A language learning system written in PHP/MYSQL/ JavaScript . Includes several types of games, student tracking, level customizable by student, easy creation and sharing of games, teacher customization. Sourceforge
2003-10-25 JavaScripT ools -- JavaScripT ools is a set of JavaScript utilities, including: JavaScripT able (an easy-to-use dynamic table with many features), NumberParser and DateParser (useful to parse and format numbers and dates) and JavaScript Util, a set of misc functions. A second Sourceforge
2003-10-22 XML co-inventor Bray simplifying huge data sets Newsforge
2003-10-22 XML co-inventor Bray simplifying huge data sets Newsforge
2003-10-20 Python- Javascript Test Framework -- The PyJTF supports the test-driven development of Javascript code using tests written in Python. It executes the code under test in the IE environment under Windows (Win32). Allows greater productivity in testing Javascript code. Sourceforge
2003-10-15 Navigation Menu Framework -- The Navigation Menu Framework (NMF) is a framework that lets developers create any kind of Navigation Menu using the same structure. Uses many OO concepts in Javascript , including Design Patterns, making it easy to develop new instances. IE 5+ or NS 6+. Sourceforge
2003-10-14 Mojo Webstats -- Mojo Webstats is a simple web statistics tool. It uses Javascript , PHP and MySQL to process web statistics. Includes: 1) date/time, 2) document location and title, 3) ip address and hostname, 4) browser version, 5) visitor resolution, and 6) referrer. Sourceforge
2003-10-14 JWChat - Jabber Web Chat -- JWChat aims to be a full featured, web based jabber client. It uses only JavaScript and HTML on the client-side. Currently it supports basic jabber instant messaging, roster management and muc-based groupchats. Sourceforge
2003-10-13 Python- Javascript Test Framework -- PyUnit framework for testing HTML-embedded Javascript in Internet Explorer; allows writing Python unit-tests for client-side Javascript code alongside server-side unit-tests. Sourceforge
2003-10-13 ActiveUI -- ActiveUI is a cross-browser DHTML widgets toolkit for building web application comparable in the UI quality and performance to the standard desktop software. ActiveUI is written in JavaScript and designed for the speed, flexibility and ease of use. Sourceforge
2003-10-09 One Too Many Viruses: Converting a Non-Geek to Linux, Part 1 Linux Journal
2003-10-08 DynaTable - DHTML Data Table API -- DynaTable is an extensible API for creating updateable Web-based data tables. Written in JavaScript for modern browsers, DynaTable binds with an HTMLTable and transforms it into a dynamic user interface. Integrates with many server scripting languages. Sourceforge
2003-10-07 XML Conformance Testing -- This project hosts various resources involved in conformance testing for XML and related standards. Initially it supports XML (SAX/Java and DOM/ JavaScript ) testing, with XML Schema and other standards anticipated in the near future. Sourceforge
2003-10-07 Quickly Create Graphical Applications with SashXB Linux Journal
2003-10-07 JISIRC -- JISIRC is a JavaScript IRC client framework. It stands for Javascript IRC Scripting Is Really Cool! It includes support for DCC Chats and Sends. It is not an IRC client extendable with JavaScript , it is 100% JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-09-12 Creating Applications with Mozilla Linux Journal
2003-09-12 Bricolage Alerts Linux Journal
2003-09-09 JavaScript Vector -- JavaScript Vector Object acts as a collection of objects or elements when your data quantity is unknown. Has methods similar to Java, C++ vector. Sourceforge
2003-09-09 GojIRC -- Javascript front end for JPilot\\\\\\\'s jIRC chat applet. Sourceforge
2003-09-05 At the Forge: Introducing Plone Linux Journal
2003-09-05 At the Forge: Customizing Plone Linux Journal
2003-09-03 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML O'Reilly Network
2003-08-31 clipp c++ interpreter framework -- A C++ library which enables seamless interoperability between C++ and interpreted languages such as javascript . Based on the boost.python project. A separate javascript parser is supplied. Sourceforge
2003-08-31 Walter -- Walter is an in-browser wysiwyg HTML-editor, that runs on JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-08-26 Java Applet Redirection JAR -- Java Applet Redirection JAR is a usefull script written in javascript that redirects the user if he doesnt have the JRE installed on its system to an other webpage not using applet. Sourceforge
2003-08-23 Enhanced SpiderMonkey JavaScript Library -- ESMJS, Enhanced SpiderMonkey JavaScript , (will) provide an easy way to integrate Javascript Plugins into C applications. Sourceforge
2003-08-20 Linux Web development tools linux.com
2003-08-20 Linux Web development tools linux.com
2003-08-18 OpenMambo Content Sharing System -- Can the best be better? Mambo 4.5 RCdev near to be released. if you want to join a fresh view an experiment the limits of CMS, join the team :). JavaScript specialists and translators, welcome. Sourceforge
2003-08-18 JavaScript Object Notation -- The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a simple and lightweight data interchange format. This project provides libraries for manipulating JSON objects for various languages. Sourceforge
2003-08-17 P2P Mud -- A peer-to-peer mud. Each player gets their own private mud, adminstered with a GUI. Muds form a p2p network. Objects transfer or link between muds. Base implementation is in Javascript /Java, transport is JXTA. Sourceforge
2003-08-17 JSMenu Zero -- A menu system in javascript compatible with any browser that suports javascript . Sourceforge
2003-08-16 Project Revelation -- The definitive JavaScript implementation of the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm. Sourceforge
2003-08-15 Omega File Explorer -- Omega File Explorer is a multiplatform file explorer, which allows directory listing with size, date, perms, etc. sorting, and several options as deleting, renaming, uploading, etc. on this files. Everything in PHP and JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-08-15 MySQL Manager -- A Browser based program that uses php and javascript . It is designed to make it easy to manage mysql. Many features and It\'s very easy to use. Supports Multiple databases/tables. Also Simple installation! Sourceforge
2003-08-15 Ddraig - a common JavaScript API library -- Ddraig is a JavaScript API library aiming to provide a standard, common interface for use in all web browsers. The main objective of this project is to tackle the issue of inconsistent standards implementations in many major web browsers. Sourceforge
2003-08-15 Bricolage Linux Journal
2003-08-15 Best of Technical Support Linux Journal
2003-08-01 GenDocWeb -- XML editor through the Web with a a word processor-like view. Use Javascript and Java, CSS. Sourceforge
2003-07-30 Speller Pages -- Speller Pages is a Web user interface and JavaScript library for a server-side spell check program. A Perl CGI program that exposes the functionality of the Text::Aspell module/GNU aspell is included. Sourceforge
2003-07-30 ClanCore CMS -- A Content Management System especially for E-Sports Clans and Leagues. It is written in PHP4 using mySQL, JavaScript and the Smarty Template-Engine Sourceforge
2003-07-28 QuantaGold Version 3.6 Available linux.com
2003-07-28 QuantaGold Version 3.6 Available Newsforge
2003-07-27 Web Application Testing Framework -- HttpUnit like framework (written on Java) designed for testing web applications containing embended in HTML JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-07-26 JSON for Ruby -- An implementation in Ruby of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Sourceforge
2003-07-25 IE Unit Test -- IeUnit is a simple framework to test logical behaviors of web pages. It is implemented in JavaScript and runs on Windows XP platform with Internet Explorer and related technologies like DHTML and COM. Sourceforge
2003-07-24 xmenu/xlayer -- Xmenu is a versatile, javascript driven DHTML menu that works on the most popular browsers Sourceforge
2003-07-23 SuperTable -- SuperTables is an Obect-Oriented Javascript API for dynamically manipulating HTML tables. Features include sorting, filtering, cell/row styling, auto-numbering sequence column, auto-hyphenation, and more. Tested on IE5+, NS6+, Mozilla1+. Sourceforge
2003-07-19 weDBmail -- weDBmail is a php webmail application for use with dbmail. It interfaces directly to the RDBMS server(s) rather than through IMAP, has no html frames, and uses JavaScript for features (not required). Sourceforge
2003-07-19 OrtoWiki -- OrtoWiki is a collaborative web page writing system, and you can layout and design web pages using graphical user interface (GUI). So you can put texts and pictures to where you want. OrtoWiki uses Orto ( JavaScript ) and Perl. Sourceforge
2003-07-17 Lycoris Unveils OS For Tablet PC Platform linux.com
2003-07-17 Lycoris Unveils OS For Tablet PC Platform Newsforge
2003-07-16 CuteMarks -- "CuteMarks" is a cute little bookmark manager for public and/or private use on a Webserver with the help of PHP and MySQL. It's speciality is to work without cookies, javascript and graphics but still maintaining the full flavours of bookmark mananagers. Sourceforge
2003-07-09 TreeMenuXL -- TreeMenuXL is a tool for generating expandable tree-structured menus in HTML pages. It includes server-side scripting components in PHP and Java, as well as JavaScript to support the dynamic menus on the client. Sourceforge
2003-07-09 Smart C++ -- The Smart C++ project is a very smart C++ program that will have a conversation with you. The features are it has a couple different moods, it has games built in. We also have a couple other programs from two different languages JavaScript and C++. Sourceforge
2003-07-04 Web RSA -- RSA Public Key Crypotgraphy for Web Browsers. Use JavaScript to RSA-encrypt data that can only be decrypted on the server, and not by prying eyes. The poor man's SSL... Sourceforge
2003-07-03 z2win place and mark -- javascript \\\\\\\"> Sourceforge
2003-07-03 mcalc - microstrip analysis/synthesis -- mcalc is a javascript based microstrip analysis/synthesis calculator. The tool is very easy to use and is fairly accurate. Compared to typical online tools, mcalc uses state of the art equations for the analysis which provides the best accuracy availabl Sourceforge
2003-07-03 DHTMLGrid -- DHTMLGrid is a Grid control designed using javascript DOM for displaying data on a webpage. It has all the functionality of a normal windows Grid. Currently it supports IE5+ and NN6+. For a demo of all the functionality visit the demo page. Sourceforge
2003-07-02 testpilot -- Testpilot is a browser based unit testing framework for testing websites. With it, you can record the keystrokes and mouse events for a session and play it back automatically. You can inlcude assertions for values in inputs divs or javascript variables. Sourceforge
2003-07-01 Super-Efficient Image Rollovers O'Reilly Network
2003-06-28 jsToolsLib -- JavaScript Object Oriented libraries to implement basic functionalities in HTML. It implements in javascript things like pakages (similar to java import), a complete form validation, wrappers to form objects (mainly the select object) and some utilities. Sourceforge
2003-06-26 quickWMS Client -- JavaScript classes for creating Web Map clients and interfacing WMS servers according to OpenGIS Web Mapping Specification (versions 0.7 to 1.1) Sourceforge
2003-06-26 PacketWise Report Portal -- The Report Portal is a flexible & intuitive onboard reporting interface for Packeteer's PacketShaper. The look and functionality are easily customized through simple JavaScript or HTML changes. Post it on your PacketShaper and start saving time. Sourceforge
2003-06-26 Javascript plug-in modules -- Javascript tools is a set of Object oriented pluggable modules, which include: Data Validation (forms), Debugging, Error trapping, XML DOM and XSLT manipulation. Sourceforge
2003-06-25 vrmluniverse -- The title of the software is 'VRML Universe' and is a real time vrml astronomy modeler utilizing the Shout3D version 2.5 3D viewer, which allows java and javascript inputs. It will also have some addition shareware and files associated to it for the Sourceforge
2003-06-25 Shoutbox -- IMA Shoutbox is just my version of the commonly seen Shoutboxes and Tagboards. Made with PHP, MySQL and soon to be javascript . Sourceforge
2003-06-21 Robin Desktop -- Robin - Remote Operating System Build in Netscape is a window manager using DHTML, Javascript , XUL and some crazy hacks. Sourceforge
2003-06-21 Php Mud -- A full interactive, mutil-funtional mud created using php, html, javascript , sql databasing, and c/c+ Sourceforge
2003-06-20 Orrin Hatch (and Continental Airlines) use pirated software? linux.com
2003-06-20 Orrin Hatch (and Continental Airlines) use pirated software? Newsforge
2003-06-19 SoccerPhone -- SoccerPhone provides lives soccer scores by phone. The only league currently supported is US Major League Soccer. Support for Soccernet is under development. SoccerPhone is written in VoiceXML, Python, and JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-06-19 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML, Part 6 O'Reilly Network
2003-06-19 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML, Part 2 O'Reilly Network
2003-06-19 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML O'Reilly Network
2003-06-17 Y.O.D.A. Engine -- YODA Engine is a Database System written with PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript , and (D)HTML to provide a complete \\\\\\\"Out-of-the-Box\\\\\\\" solution to websites (Role-Playing Game organizations in particular) that need a secure, login-base Sourceforge
2003-06-17 MapLink -- MapLink is a web based client for OGC Web Map Servers and PostGIS databases. It provides an HTML / javascript interface for querying wms servers and inserting digitized GIS objects into a PostGIS table. Sourceforge
2003-06-15 Topic Maps for JavaScript -- A topic maps engine for JavaScript Sourceforge
2003-06-14 The Dillo web browser -- Dillo is a graphical web browser that's completely written in C, very fast, small in code and binary (less than 230 Kb!). It basically depends on GTK+, and renders a good subset of HTML (no frames), no jvm, no javascript . Sourceforge
2003-06-13 Phile-O Goo -- Phile-O Goo: a cross-platform FileMaker driven GUI and CMS for storing, versioning and deploying code file objects. Includes modules such as WebMakerFM(tm) and ECMaker(tm), to manage CSS, JavaScript , meta data. Tools for FM to MySQL data management. Sourceforge
2003-06-13 PatternPro Regular Expression Engine -- PatternPro is a regular expression engine, OO in design having implementations in VB6, C#, JavaScript and ActionScript. Sourceforge
2003-06-13 HLib DHTML Api -- HLib is cross browser DHTML api. The API's purpose is to provide a complete xbrowser infrastructure for DHTML javascript developers. It is designed to be flexible, compatible and standards compliant. Sourceforge
2003-06-12 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML, Part 5 O'Reilly Network
2003-06-08 sPHPell-PHP spell checker for HTML forms -- A FREE PHP spell checker that takes the text in a text field via javascript and spell checks it in its own window. The user can perform the usual spell checking operations (ignore, ignore all, change, change all, etc). Simple to include in any PHP page. Sourceforge
2003-06-08 Parsec Web Application Framework -- Parsec provides a JSP 1.2 tag library and an API for developing rich web applications. MVC is supported with the Page Controller pattern, where requests go to JSPs; no XML config files. Client-side form validation supported by JavaScript code generation. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 omni calc -- A computer math system that interactivly hosts standard scripting languages such as JavaScript , can display 2D and 3D plots using OpenGL, and exposes an extensive object model including full MathML DOM to it's scripts. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 insane home site -- This is the !nsane site... tutorials, projects, everything... GL newbies, whatch out! you're gonna have a new place to hang out in... that goes for HTML & JavaScript newbies, too... Sourceforge
2003-06-06 SuperClass -- SuperClass is a JavaScript pre-processor/interpreter object, designed to facilitate class-based OOP in JavaScript . NOTE: Project is closed. Replaced by: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jsclass Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Rpgcbb -- Role Play Community Bulletin Book A Starting on developing a community open source all files that join nuke sistems phpwebsite cmsbridge phpbb phprpg flash javascript dhtml php and several mods and adons ... in one portal that comes with the purpose f Sourceforge
2003-06-06 PHP-odbc_group_check -- PHP4 scripts to log into a secured site and check/set per-page permissions. Uses odbc db, PHP4, javascript , webserver, windows Sourceforge
2003-06-06 PHIZZ-HQM MUD -- A JavaScript powered MUD, with the goal of providing a semi-graphical, realistic world representation, with some form of physics. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Online PHP FTP Client -- A online FTP Client. Programmed with following languages: - PHP - JavaScript - MySQL - CSS - HTML Sourceforge
2003-06-06 OmniHelp tripane on-line help viewer -- OmniHelp is a cross-platform, browser-independent, tri-pane help viewer built in JavaScript and CSS with XHTML. Some functions (such as CSH and help embedding) may be in Java, C, or C++. All code is under the LGPL. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 MochaScript -- Cocoa is the core of the Mocha Project -- Cocoa + JavaScript = Mocha. The primary focus of Cocoa is to extend and enhance the core JS language. Other modules add functions for specific apps, like sanppy web pages. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 MiniMonth -- MiniMonth is a lightweight calendar image created with PHP. It is meant to be used in web pages as a quick view of a given month. When used with JavaScript an interactive calendar can be created with different color schemes displaying holidays. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Javascript Events Calender -- Sourceforge
2003-06-06 JavaScript Shopping & Crypto -- Two projects in one: easy to use javascript shopping cart and RSA-type javascript browser-based public-key encryption. Ecommerce without cgi! Sourceforge
2003-06-06 JavaScript Database AO-JD -- Sourceforge
2003-06-06 JS/CORBA Adapter -- The JS/CORBA Adapter provides a mechanism for arbitrary Javascript objects to interact with each other transparently in a distributed Javascript system using CORBA. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Command Messenger -- Command Messenger is a replacement for Netscape’s LiveConnect technology. It connects JavaScript code in a web page with compiled code provided by, for instance, a browser plug-in or a system extension. It works in Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Brain -- Brain is a prototype-based, object-oriented scripting language. It is something between Scheme, Smalltalk and JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-06-06 Another Dynamic HTML API -- Not just another DHTML API, the ADHTML API does more than just enable smarter dynamic element manipulation, it extends the JavaScript language, enables loadable script modules and remote scripting and more. Sourceforge
2003-06-06 .arena -- .arena is a set of libraries written in javascript and java which provides you the posibility to create dhtml projects easily, it is also useful to learn how far you can go with a lenguaje as javascript . Sourceforge
2003-06-05 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML, Part 4 O'Reilly Network
2003-05-31 hborn -- hborn receive file as argument and provide to format this in pretty html page, you can configure the output page very easy also without knowing html. Javascript implementation Sourceforge
2003-05-31 Software Studio -- Software Studio is an multi-langual programming editor for C#, Java, C++, Xml, VisualBasic, Php, AspNet, Javascript languages; based on add-in structure. It has syntax higlighting, code folding, code complatetion, etc. capabilities. Sourceforge
2003-05-29 jsPro -- jsPro is a set of libraries that extend the core JavaScript classes and provide a number of new classes. The aim is to provide a rich set of object-based functionality to the JavaScript language. Suggestions and code are always welcome. Sourceforge
2003-05-29 Soya -- Soya is a scalable cross-browser, cross-host Javascript 1.2+ API / OO-based framework for script development, including a huge repository of pluggable components/classes. Serverside or clientside, ASP, WSH or Mozilla... Soya is Go. Sourceforge
2003-05-29 JavaScript to Scheme Translator -- This is a JavaScript to Scheme translator written entirely in Scheme. Currently tested only with Guile Sourceforge
2003-05-29 Cooking with JavaScript & DHTML, Part 3 O'Reilly Network
2003-05-29 ActiveWeb JavaScript Library -- The goal of this project is to build a reusable, object-oriented JavaScript library to simplify construction of dynamic web pages and interactions with CGI. In particular, the JavaScript "classes" are designed to emphasize on HTML code generation. Sourceforge
2003-05-24 jsCalculator -- This is a scientific calculator in javascript , its interface's same to Microsoft Windows's calculator, it can be switched between simple and scientific form, and allows web developpers integrate into theirs apps. Sourceforge
2003-05-24 JSRandomQuote -- A JavaScript application that will make your visitors see a random quote popup wherever you include the script. Sourceforge
2003-05-24 JSCrossEdit -- OpenSource project that targets to develop and finaly release CrossPlatform (OS or Browser) JavaScript full functional TextEditor. Result of the Project may be used for administrating webservers and local corporate informational systems based on the brow Sourceforge
2003-05-22 Dante -- Dante is a Java-based Web-Application Framework which allows programmers to develop Web-Application like normal Swing-Applications. No HTML / CSS / JavaScript knowledge needed. Sourceforge
2003-05-18 Rotating Banner [PHP, MySQL, Javascript ] -- It rotates banner as if it is a GIF image... and on clicking any particular image, it redirects to the URL specified by admin. Also admin can get the number of hits on each image. Sourceforge
2003-05-14 Vlit Chrome -- Vlit Chrome is the new face of the Xanadu hypertext project. Vlit Chrome is a Vlit browser/editor that complies with the current .vlit file standard (0.2). Vlit chrome uses the Mozilla XPFE framework. That is, XUL for the UI, mostly javascript for the bac Sourceforge
2003-05-14 OSU-Okmulgee Quiz Game -- This is a Jeopardy-style quiz game written in HTML and JavaScript . There are 5 categories each with 5 points levels (100 - 500). This game was written at Oklahoma State University - Okmulgee campus to be used during recruting trips. The game can be modi Sourceforge
2003-05-14 GNU Task List -- " border="0"> Savannah
2003-05-10 autoproxy4j -- Currently Java does not support the execution of autoproxy scripts. I wrote some Java code with the help of Mozilla\'s Rhino (implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java) to get the result of an autoproxy script. Sourceforge
2003-05-10 Xml Test Suite -- XmlTestSuite helps with the testing of complex web applications. Tests are written in XML Supports test driven development Separate page structure, data from test steps Test HTML, databases, javascript , xpath Uses HttpUnit Sourceforge
2003-05-02 Still More Mini Book Reviews Linux Journal
2003-05-01 ufy - a scripting language -- Ufy is a general purpose scripting language resembling javascript . Its aims are to be easy cross-platform multi-threaded object oriented extensible distributable introspective small Sourceforge
2003-05-01 WebChat -- WebChat is an chat application for JavaScript compatible web browsers made in PHP. multiple rooms no browser flicker between message translation web based room management database backend private messages emotions and text formating multi Sourceforge
2003-05-01 The DataIsland Framework -- The DataIsland Framework is a REST compliant content management and web service framework. It includes a server-side API (Java, XSLT), a universal database schema, an XML document definition and a client side toolkit (XHTML, JavaScript , XML and CSS). Sourceforge
2003-05-01 Obie Website -- Free PHP and Javascript website. Ad manager, Virtual inbox, referers checker, Counters ... etc... and many more. Sourceforge
2003-05-01 JSDoc -- This project defines a standard for writing documentation comments within source files for JavaScript Objects (similar to Sun's JavaDoc). An example parser is also available as part of the project that will parse code for JSDoc comments. Sourceforge
2003-04-30 The new IM battleground ZDNet
2003-04-30 Privacy at risk from MSN hole ZDNet
2003-04-30 Nokia launches first phone-based VPN ZDNet
2003-04-30 Microsoft: We're patching MSN hole ZDNet
2003-04-30 Microsoft still missing IM connections ZDNet
2003-04-30 MSN Messenger hit by worm ZDNet
2003-04-30 IE privacy flaw still causing leaks ZDNet
2003-04-30 Gigger 'update' worm attacks hard drive ZDNet
2003-04-30 Can Nokia phones turn flash into cash? ZDNet
2003-04-24 PSPE - Pascal's Simple PHP Engine -- PSPE (Pascal's Simple PHP Engine), is a web site (building tool) written in PHP, with a little DHTML (and JavaScript ) features, the content is in XML format. An easy to install procedures roundsup the feature list. Sourceforge
2003-04-19 Client Side Data Validator -- This JavaScript library file can be inserted into any webpage that needs data validation for social security numbers, phone numbers, date, and time. It supports both military and standard time along with the international YYYY-MM-DD dates. This code will Sourceforge
2003-04-16 SuRReal's Forum2003 -- SuRReal's Forum2003 is a PHP Bulletin Board using various kinds of sql databases, xhtml standards and a little bit of javascript . It has all the features that the normal user-friendly BB should have. Sourceforge
2003-04-16 SQL*PlusPlus -- Web-based SQL client that can connect to any number of databases using JDBC. Provides a clean, simple and fast interface using HTML and Javascript to make it very easy to run common SQL queries. Faster than your average Swing-based client, and much more Sourceforge
2003-04-10 JSChess -- The JSChess is JavaScript Chess. It completely real time, java-or-activex-less, platform independent version of chess. Sourceforge
2003-04-05 web editor -- This Web editor (DHTML editor), for ASP and JavaScript brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of known desktop editors like Word. Sourceforge
2003-04-02 singapore -- A PHP gallery web application for displaying photographic art using either a MySQL or CSV-file database. Has web-based admin and cached autogenerated thumbnails (using GD). XHTML and CSS compatible output only (no JavaScript ). Sourceforge
2003-04-02 Web Data Grid -- Web Data Grid is an HTML - Javascript project to show a dinamic dataset in a web page. Its principal features are: - division of the table in more pages; - data subsequent sorting on the basis of the table's fields; - visualized values filtering; Sourceforge
2003-04-02 Manual Manager -- A PhP / JavaScript based system to store, edit and make manuals in directorys. With the a powerful JavaScript rich text editor the mauals can be written and edited. The PhP system can write new manuals to disk, make directories and rename them. Sourceforge
2003-04-02 HTML Document Object -- The HTML Document Object is a Perl Module that allows you to quickly and easily create Dynamic HTML pages without having to specify the framework. You specify the content and it does all the work. Supports HTML 4.0, cookies, frames, javascript , etc. Sourceforge
2003-03-28 Notes -- Notes is a programmer text editor for linux and windows. Use Notes to edit HTML, JavaScript , CSS, Java, JSP, PHP, Perl, ASP, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Assembly, etc. Sourceforge
2003-03-19 FCKeditor -- This HTML editor (DHTML editor), for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP and JavaScript brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of known desktop editors like Word. It's really lightweight and doesn't require any kind of installation in the client computer Sourceforge
2003-03-12 Alternative Php Optimized Language -- APOL (Alternative Php Optimized Language) was made to speed up your webpages by using the most optimized code for the job. Now it is also going to act as a link between PHP, HTML, and JavaScript . One language for all three! Sourceforge
2003-03-10 Mozilla.org: Browser Innovation, Gecko and the Mozilla Project Linux Today
2003-03-09 STANTOR -- Stantor is a Domotic project. It is a SCADA for the computer interface board K8000 Velleman (I2C bus) , X10 modules and also Webcam. It uses Browser web, I-mode and Wap, Apache,mySQL, PHP, javascript . It run with Linux-Mandrake. Sourceforge
2003-03-09 OpenWebSchool -- The OpenWebSchool offers training units created in HTML/DHTML and JavaScript for school students. The software can be used from any browser on any operating system, online directly from the internet, or offline (after a download). Sourceforge
2003-03-09 JSPPP -- The JSPPP project intends to provide a solution for automatically indenting JSP files in various styles. This process is highly non-trivial because of the languages (Java/HTML/ JavaScript ) that can be freely mixed within a JSP. Sourceforge
2003-03-06 htmlArea -- WYSIWYG editor replacement for textarea formfields. IE 5.5+ for Windows only. Written in Javascript and works with any server-side software. Sourceforge
2003-03-06 Sarissa -- Sarissa is a JavaScript library that provides a common interface between similar DOM extentions of browsers, including loading of DOM objects from remote sources or Strings, XSLT transformations etc Sourceforge
2003-03-01 sCal & sCal2 -- sCal: a small, scientific, script programmable calculator--for & in JavaScript . sCal2: an expansion giving a function/program catalog system with: hundreds of unit-conversions & material properties, programming examples, nearly limitless user-procedures Sourceforge
2003-02-26 snmptt-gui -- This project aims to provide a web based frontend for the snmptt tool. Together with snmptt and net-snmp snmptrapd a complete web based alarm browser is provided. The gui is made up of server side perl cgi scripts with client side javascript s and make use Sourceforge
2003-02-26 aynHTML -- A wysiwyg HTML editor for use with IE 5.5 and above. Written in JavaScript and implemented as hypertext components ( custom behaviours ). Support for tables, images, stylesheets, and much more. Sourceforge
2003-02-26 NanoTree -- Crossbrowser JavaScript tree (Like the one in Windows Explorer) Currently Works in Mozilla and IE. - Ability to rename nodes. - Drag'n'drop capabilities. - sorting capabilites. - Easy to use (also for the developer). - etc. etc. etc. etc. Sourceforge
2003-02-26 FreezeDriedASP -- Generate ASP administrative pages (with HTML forms and JavaScript validation) for any Microsoft Access Database. FreezeDriedAsp creates an ASP database admin site based of your selections.Point to an Access database, select what functions you want, and Sourceforge
2003-02-26 Client-side Validator -- This framework is written to support client-side validation for HTML forms. It is written entirely in Javascript to support multiple browser types. Sourceforge
2003-02-23 Poor Man's TCO Calculator (PMTC) -- This is a standalone HTML/ JavaScript application with which a manager can get an estimate of the costs involved with the deploymnent of 1) a conventional network, 2) a network with OSS based servers and 3) a network with OSS based servers and desktops. Sourceforge
2003-02-21 httpf -- A filtering proxy which processes HTTP- and HTML-traffic to enhance the security: Remove javascript calls, check document types, remove client infos (operating system, browser version) Sourceforge
2003-02-21 JavaSheet -- JavaSheet! Bringing interactive Excel spreadsheets to the web, and saving developers from the tortures of complex JavaScript calculators. Sourceforge
2003-02-19 Linux Journal: About Fosdem Linux Today
2003-02-18 Nemein.Net 1.8.4 released linux.com
2003-02-18 Nemein.Net 1.8.4 released Newsforge
2003-02-17 About Fosdem Linux Journal
2003-02-15 L-Forum -- L-Forum is lightweight but fully featured threaded bulletin board system written in PHP and backended in MySQL/PostgreSQL. It supports file attachments, design themes, multiple languages and it's fast, nice looking and completely JavaScript free. Sourceforge
2003-02-15 JackBot IRC Bot -- JackBot is an IRC bot written in 100% Java. It provides a flexible, extensible plugin architecture and a rich scripting environment built upon the Rhino JavaScript engine. Sourceforge
2003-02-15 CodeCon 2.0 Presentations Linux Journal
2003-02-14 Wired: Conversation With Marc Andreessen Linux Today
2003-02-10 U.K.: No shortage of IT skills ZDNet
2003-02-10 The new IM battleground ZDNet
2003-02-10 Security holes dig into instant messaging ZDNet
2003-02-10 Privacy at risk from MSN hole ZDNet
2003-02-10 Nokia launches first phone-based VPN ZDNet
2003-02-10 Mozilla chief reveals what's coming up ZDNet
2003-02-10 Microsoft: We're patching MSN hole ZDNet
2003-02-10 Microsoft still missing IM connections ZDNet
2003-02-10 MSN Messenger hit by worm ZDNet
2003-02-10 KDE polishes Linux desktop ZDNet
2003-02-10 Just how safe is Outlook 2002? ZDNet
2003-02-10 Inktomi to stop viruses at Web pages ZDNet
2003-02-10 Hackers rain on Web services parade ZDNet
2003-02-10 Can Nokia phones turn flash into cash? ZDNet
2003-02-10 'Klez' variant strikes unprotected PC users ZDNet
2003-02-08 Whitebeam XML Web Environment -- Whitebeam is a complete rapid development Web application server integrating Apache and Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine with it's own powerful XML/XPath based security architecture. Sourceforge
2003-02-08 LibWeb -- LibWeb is a Perl library and toolkit for building a community web site and applications . It features members authentication, a concise, easy to use database API and template-driven, dynamic HTML page generation without using PHP/ASP/SSI/ Javascript . Sourceforge
2003-02-08 Doc Parser for JavaScript . -- A perl script that parses given JavaScript source files for documentation in JavaDoc style, and generates HTML description page about functions, its parameters, etc. Sourceforge
2003-02-02 Python-URL! - Weekly Python News and Links (January 27) Linux Today
2003-02-01 JsLib -- JsLib is a library written in JavaScript . Its goal is to facilitate the task of the developer with all the functions which he can need for a dynamic Web site, by masking completely the compatibility problems between the main Web browsers. Sourceforge
2003-02-01 JavaScript Calendar -- A customizable JavaScript calendar which simplifies the task of specifying a date in a web page form. Sourceforge
2003-01-31 Where the DOM Meets the Road: Nick Heinle talks about the second edition Designing with JavaScript O'Reilly Network
2003-01-31 O'Reilly Web Center -- An Interview with Jerry Bradenbaugh O'Reilly Network
2003-01-30 Javascript Assertion Unit -- jsAssertUnit is a unit testing framework based on assertions, helping JavaScript developers to test their code. Failing assertions about the program state are tracked in a Reporter window of a DOM compliant browser : IE5+, Mozilla, Netscape 6+, etc. Sourceforge
2003-01-29 I'll tell you where you can put those patents (to good use) Newsforge
2003-01-29 I'll tell you where you can put those patents (to good use) Newsforge
2003-01-29 I'll tell you where you can put those patents (to good use) Newsforge
2003-01-27 So, what makes JavaScript so popular? O'Reilly Network
2003-01-25 The Tamber Project -- The Tamber project is a free, componentised website engine that uses XML, JavaScript and ASP. Tamber features include; delivery over HTML and WAP, automatic locale detection, search engine optimisation, e-commerce engine, secure sign in and advanced DB Sourceforge
2003-01-25 Asymptopia Crossword Builder -- Simple and Powerful Crossword Puzzle Builder written in Javascript . It runs completely in a javascript enabled browser to generate unlimited layouts of user-supplied words. Can be useful for creating fun homework assignments. Produces Key,Puzzle and Hi Sourceforge
2003-01-24 xml for SCRIPT -- XML for SCRIPT is a simple, non-validating XML parser written in JavaScript . It was designed to help web application designers implement cross platform, client side manipulation of XML data. Sourceforge
2003-01-24 jsTypingTutor -- jsTypingTutor is a JavaScript program that attempts to help users and developers type faster and more accurately. Many files are included for the user to practice on - but, you may also use any text that can be copied and pasted into the main screen. Sourceforge
2003-01-24 Perl JavaScript MD5 User Authentication -- A Perl CGI JavaScript framework for implementing a MD5 based encryption Secure login on both client and server machines. The password is never stored or transmitted as plain text. Also encrypts cookies to maintain sessions. Sourceforge
2003-01-24 12 Ways to Die on an Asteroid -- 12 Ways to Die on an Asteroid is a science-fiction/murder mystery adventure game. The engine is built in Java and designed to be modular. Included is a set of game-development tools, which enable anyone who knows JavaScript to make an adventure game. Sourceforge
2003-01-23 Script globally, publish locally Infoworld
2003-01-22 Commission networks defend their code of conduct Infoworld
2003-01-20 So, what makes JavaScript so popular? O'Reilly Network
2003-01-18 WebIEdit -- is the coolest web-based content and script editor. It has support for html, xhtml, xml, javascript , php, stylesheets, filters and much more. Sourceforge
2003-01-18 Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu -- Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu is a Windows Explorer(tm)-like hierarchial menu system for websites using JavaScript . Supports browsers from Netscape 3 onwards. Sourceforge
2003-01-18 Favorez My Favorites JavaScript -- This JavaScript is intended to simplify creating collapsible trees in DHTML pages. The script defines an abstract base class that encapsulates the general behavior of tree nodes. Two derived classes render nodes as either folders or URLS. Sourceforge
2003-01-17 opengallery -- opengallery takes a dirtree of image files and creates a web site with frames, thumbnails, subdirectory navigation and optional javascript highlighting. Sourceforge
2003-01-17 ixlib -- A C++ utility library featuring a javascript interpreter, regular expressions, automatic arrays, garbage collection, matrix handling, planar geometry (regions etc) and other useful features. Blends well with STL code. Sourceforge
2003-01-17 SiteVision -- SiteVision is a powerful HTML Editor which features advanced features for scripting in JavaScript and VBScript and supports development in Perl, PHP, ASP and XML and also advanced Site Management. SiteVision also has a design mode. Sourceforge
2003-01-17 JsUnit -- JsUnit is a unit testing framework for client-side JavaScript in the tradition of the XUnit frameworks. 2,744 downloads before the move to SourceForge. Sourceforge
2003-01-17 Eclipse Plugin: JavaScript Editor -- The project is an Eclipse plugin that installs an editor for JavaScript files. It shows the functions in the Outline view so that it is easier to navigate through JavaScript files to reach the implemented functions. It also makes syntax highlighting for f Sourceforge
2003-01-16 The name game Infoworld
2003-01-14 MontaVista Software and Opera 7 linux.com
2003-01-14 MontaVista Software and Opera 7 Newsforge
2003-01-13 Review of Quanta+ and Quanta Gold Newsforge
2003-01-13 Review of Quanta+ and Quanta Gold Newsforge
2003-01-13 Review of Quanta+ and Quanta Gold Newsforge
2003-01-13 Mono Weekly News - January 10, 2003 Linux Today
2003-01-12 wxJS -- wxJS ports the wxWindows Library (www.wxwindows.org) to JavaScript using the SpiderMonkey Engine of Mozilla. Sourceforge
2003-01-12 w3m -- w3m is a pager and/or text-based browser. It can handle table, cookies, authentication, and almost everything except JavaScript . Sourceforge
2003-01-12 upFRONT Linux Journal
2003-01-12 ZoomStats (Web Traffic Analysis System) -- Web Traffic Analysis Software (or counter) supporting all known SQL databases (or XML). Easy install/upgrade, advanced user recognition technics, high usability. Tracks users via: a) Server Logs, b) PHP inc., c)Web Beacons ( JavaScript ) Sourceforge
2003-01-12 XS DHTML Editor -- A web-based HTML editor written in DHTML/ JavaScript . The look-and-feel follows Microsoft apps such as Word and Outlook. The "control" is implemented as a DHTML Behavior, allowing it to be used with only a couple lines of code added to a standard web pa Sourceforge
2003-01-12 XML Web GUI -- This is a validating xml editor for creating, edititing an manipulating XML files by a web interface. It is based on open standards like XHTML, JavaScript , DOM and CSS for the client and JavaServlets, JSP for the server. Sourceforge
2003-01-12 Won't Make Your Web Site Work with Linux? We'll Do It for You. Linux Journal
2003-01-12 Why is Microsoft Attacking the GPL? Linux Journal
2003-01-12 WebChess -- A great persistant online chess game using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/ JavaScript on the front-end, which includes move validation, CHECK checking, pawn promotion and undo. It also has a login system which allows multiple simultaneous games. Sourceforge
2003-01-12 Web Rapid Application Development -- WebRAD is a web application development framework and library of components for Delphi/Kylix that replaces HTML editing with a drag-and-drop approach. WebRAD includes over 30 components including javascript enabled data-aware tables, images and forms Sourceforge
2003-01-12 Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL: A Book Review Linux Journal
2003-01-12 UpFront Linux Journal
2003-01-12 UPFRONT Linux Journal
2003-01-12 U.K.: No shortage of IT skills ZDNet
2003-01-12 The new IM battleground ZDNet
2003-01-12 The New Now Thing: Where Linux is taking the Embedded World Linux Journal
2003-01-12 The Many Faces of Mozilla Linux Journal
2003-01-12 The Java Developer's Kit Linux Journal