Born here against our will, so soon to die,
And to what purpose, what's the reason why?
Can't stop the clock, no time to plan or chart,
We're done before we find a place to start.

After awhile it's all just one big blur,
Only thing certain, we know nothing for sure.
Experimental trip from womb to tomb,
Big bang or black hole, to us it's all doom.

Diverse religions, unforgiven sins,
Influence of forces beyond our ken;
Unclean our past, unforeseen our future,
Bathed in blood, red in claw our nature.

And yet I choose to see an unknown god,
A reason for the path ancestors trod.
I sing to purpose, pure and unbegotten,
Of suffering messiahs long forgotten.

I swear to the stars, for humankind's sake,
Be there no meaning, then meaning we'll make.
Each rock, each atom, will work for the good,
As quantum fields, and tears, are understood.

I come from a long line of survivors,
My cells lead sentient lives and so do yours.
Y-chromosomes all know their fathers well,
And mitochondria their mothers tell.

Porous membranes selectively embrace reality,
The self is small but not our whole society,
Nietzsche is dead but not our whole community,
All nature is the future of humanity.

copyright Ron Stephens 2012
all rights reserved

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