Real Time Blues

A day, a week, a month, a year, I never knew how fast time flew,
I turned around and it was gone, before I could explore,
I couldn't grasp the world at all, while it was fresh and new,
If I could do it all again, I'd pay attention more.

The first time that I heard the blues, I shook from head to toe,
I felt emotions in my heart, I'd never felt before.
I should have lingered longer there, but yielded to life's flow,
Oh! I'd like to do it all again, but pay attention more.

I lived right through the Sixties, on streets and avenues,
Change held me in its power, culture in its groove,
I knew that time was special, but not how fast it flew,
Well if I could live it over, I'd pay attention more.

First time I got religion, I was certain I was right,
My mind was satisfied, I was sure I knew the score,
My soul at peace with living, no one I had to fight,
But if I could do it over, I'd pay attention more.

Now when I'm on my deathbed, what will I think of then?
Will my foundation stand, when I'm at heaven's door?
Will I regret what I have been, and every kind of sin?
Or would I do it all again, and pay attention more?

Sometimes I want to sing the blues, but the words they just won't come,
I hear them clearly in my sleep, as from a distant shore,
The melody so plain and pure, that I begin to hum,
Oh! I'd like to hear it one more time, but pay attention more.

Mama, ever since you passed away, I often think of you,
And all the things I'd like to say, if we could meet once more,
If I could see you by and by, I know just what I'd do,
I'd give it one more try, and pay attention (just a little bit) more.

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