Python for Mobile Devices

software for mobile devices, PDA's, cell phones, handheld computers and for developers!

Best of the Best

Python for the iOS

Link to Python iOS App on the Apple App Store

Radical Breeze site, Illumination tool for making iOS, Android etc Apps

Python for the iPhone using Saurik

Python for the Nokia Series 60 Cell Phone (Symbian Operating System)

Jythonroid: Jython on Android

The Rest

PyMite Flyweight Interpreter

Python for Windows Mobile System & Pocket PC (PyCE)

Python for Linux phones and the Sharp Zaurus

Python for the Palm Platform

PyGarmin: Python for Garmin GPS Devices

Python for the Apple iPod

Python for the iRiver mp3 player

PyMedia, a module for manipulating wav, mp3, ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda etc files

NEW: Movable Python
from Fuzzyman!

Hack a Mobile Phone with Linux and Python!

Damn Small Linux
Install DSL on mobile devices, only 50 MB!

Podcatcher on a Stick
a Python open source aggregator for use directly on a mobile mp3 player! (cool)

Python for Mobile Phones and GPS
a Blog and some Code

Apple iPod

Linux and Python on the iPod

Installing iPodLinux

Database Builder for the iPod Shuffle

Python Apps for the iPod
Python scripts to download major league baseball scores and stats to your iPod, and other Python for iPod scripts and classes of use and interest...
must view source code and save as .py file, "download file" links appear to not be working...
admittedly, these scripts are from 2002 and some need updating (you'll see what I mean ;-))) but hey, we have working source code to upgrade!

Apple iPod on Linux

Python App: xtunes iPod plugin beta test

PyPod, manage iPod metadata

ID3 Tagging for mp3 files with Python

Python ID3 Writer (and also a reader)

Nokia Series 60

Resources for Python on the Nokia Series 60 Phone

Python and the Nokia Series 60 Tutorials

More Links, Notes, Tools, and Suggestions

Too Much Fun with Python on a Nokia Phone
Guido van Rossum blog article with great links!

Python for your Nokia Series 60 Phone
Official Nokia Site Developer tools and Documentation

Python for Nokia Series 60 Phones
new from O'Reilly's OnLamp Development Center

Python for Nokia Series 60 WIKI
a great resource, consolidates a lof of information in one place

Python Code Snippets for the Nokia Series 60
photos, bluetooth, SQL, sms and more...

Python for Nokia Series 60 Phones
more information

Python for Nokia Tools on Mac OSX
thoughts and information

Using the Python for Series 60 Bluetooth Console from OS X

Getting Started with Python for the Nokia Series 60
Tutorial from Mobile Tech

Mobile Screen Scraping with Beautiful Soup and Python for the Series 60

GUI version of Python dictionary "dict2go" for your Nokia

QuoteGrab stock tracking program for the Nokia

Python Discussion Forum at Nokia Developer Site
interesting discussion activity

Python for Symbian Operating System Phones

a Python interface to quite a few Libraries for Symbian OS and Nokia Series 60

GPS Fun with Python and your Mobile Phone

How To Use Maemo a PyGtk programming tool
a PyGtk programming tool for the Nokia 770 tablet


Palm Python Wiki
Start Here

Pippy for the Palm Pilot

Python for Palm Operating System
2.3.2 from Argentina

Pippy, Python for the Palm PDA Platform

Python for the Palm OS
an old article but helpful for getting started

a comprehensive set of modules which allow access to Palm Computing platform devices and their data via Python. It includes APIs for transparent database access, records as Python objects, conduits, and plug-ins for extensability. Pyrite was formerly known as "PalmPython".

Pocket PC (WinCE)

Download PyCE


Nabble Forum for PyCE (Essential!)

Pocket Console (a good terminal app)

Python 2.3.4 for Pocket PC (Win CE)
for Medical Systems

Python Pocket PC (WinCE)

IDLE on the IPAQ
source code

Linux and the Sharp Zaurus

Python for arm-linux

OpenZaurus WIKI

App Feeds for OpenZaurus Linux (including Python)

Some Python Scripts for the Zaurus (decision analysis)

Software for the Zaurus (not necessarily Python)


PyMedia, a module for manipulating wav, mp3, ogg, avi, divx, dvd, cdda etc files

Python on the iRiver mobile mp3 player

Marduk, a Python scipt designed to take advantage of the iRiver's database browsing capabilities

Giriver, a pygtk driver for the iRiver
for random walking iRiver database files

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