The heavens declare the glory of God
And the earth is his DIY footstool
But we have the right to question his workmanship
From earthquakes, childhood cancers, to Bonny and Clyde.

I rather think s(he) is omniscient but not omnipotent
What a dilemma s(he) faced in deciding whether to create anything at all!
Knowing that creation would contain so much evil
And who knows how it might all turn out.

I notice Job got his house and family back
He wound up better off than before
But in the real world it doesn't happen like that.

Oh Lord, hard times have come upon us
Why do you chastise us so?
You'd think that if you really exist
You'd at least let us know
Or give us a short, clear and unambiguous instruction manual.

Since you don't talk to us like you did to the prophets
You'd think we could just forget about you and go on about our business

But we don't...