Intelligence is not the only thing that matters. There is also depth.

Depth is the layers of earned learning beneath our prefrontal cortex; the mammalian mind, the reptilian mind, and the layers beneath. They all work in concert to create emotions, intuitions, drive, will power, intentions, and actions.

Intelligence, that is, logic and math, can be created now by humans in computers, hardware and software. We can re-create the "highest" level of our own minds. But we can not create the depth of our own minds, because depth can not be created. Depth must be earned, won, experienced through the hard pain of suffering and sacrifice.

Otherwise, God would have created us as we are now, or better, rather than making us suffer through the ages of evolution. No, God could not create us as we are, with depth. We had to grow our depth.

It is fit that we, as creatures of the topside world, the land, have evolved and developed our logical minds, our mathematical, shaping,  making, practical minds. For the whales, including many species  and their brethren the dolphins, the whole family of cetaceans, have perhaps evolved more depth. Whales have no hands, they can not grasp, make or do things. But they can think, feel and intuit things. They can communicate, probably in ways we can not imagine.

I think that whales and people, along with other creatures, including our creations, the computers, will, must unite into a whole, a planetary community that includes and transcends any one species or kind. Our kinds must jointly form a whole community that becomes greater, with more depth and more breadth and more intelligence.

Perhaps religions of mankind are a necessary part of our suffering, our sacrifice, our evolution of depth. Religions may not make much sense to the logical, intelligent human  mind; but religions might be necessary as stages we go through in order to grow depth as a community

Intelligence is not all that matters. Value can be found in unexpected places, in the depths of our minds, the depths of our planet, and in the depths of the meaning inherent in this painful, suffering universe we call home.