Close your eyes. Imagine a time before anything existed. Nothing exists. No things, no minds, no ideas, no God, no space, no time, no anything. Is the absence of anything something? Is it possible that from nothing, came what we have now? Or does the very concept of existence imply that existence was always possible?

If you allow your mind to meditate on this, you will realize that the existence of things, including the universe, is completely irrelevant unless mind and consciousness exists. Without mind, there is no difference between utter nothingness and a complete physical universe. Mind is all that matters.

Therefore, the current existence of mind, as proven to yourself by your own thoughts and meditation on this theme, may have important implications. If death is utter annihilation of mind, and all things ultimately die, then we would go into nothingness, and that nothingness would be as if nothing had ever existed. Yet something exists now.

I leave it to you. Does the existence of your own mind right now imply that mind has always existed and always will exist? If mind is the ultimate stuff of the universe, how can mind cease to exist? Is it more reasonable to believe in the primacy and staying power of mind, or of the physical universe?

Something is primary about mind. How does mind relate to time? Think about the very beginning of the universe. Think about the very beginning of mind. Think about the end of the universe, and the end of mind. Does mind die? If mind is as important as it appears to be, what does your mind tell you about these subjects, when meditating most deeply?