Bubble Worlds, Tough Love, and a Question of Balance...December 28, 1998

As the next to the last year of the century and millennium lumbers to a conclusion, I find that we are all living in bubble worlds of our own making. Each individual human is so caught up in mental construction of her own that no two people share the same visual field, the same reality, the same explanatory myths. It's as if we are each floating around in our own individual bubble worlds, merrily wafting with each wind current of events, affected by gross simplifications of world events as communicated to us via electronic media, utterly unattached to anything human; but entirely attached to our own flights of fancy and illusions.

As the dear reader has indulged me by following some of the numerous previous entries in this end of the millennium spiritual diary, no doubt you have been subjected to my own mind-fancies, my own meticulously constructed illusions, my own world bubble. But now it must be plain that this is all illusory and vain.

For one thing now stands out as the most important fact that needs to be stated, before we dissolve into millennial nothingness: there is a real, connected, and unified reality. It is created by God, connecting all of the many worlds of God, and even including the many vain imaginings that constitute millions of human-made bubble worlds. But it was not, is not, and never will be, co-constructed by human striving; no grandiose humanity-creating-God schemes can pull it off. Only the God whom we can not even begin to understand can do it.

Oh, yes, our bubble worlds are pretty, sometimes. And the scientific bubble worlds we create will help us understand many things, including our place in the multiverse, the reality and unity of God, and the importance of religion in human civilization, not to mention the history and fate of the multiverse. However, never, never , never are we co-creators with God. This is not a paradox, a riddle, nor a conundrum; it is a fact beyond our wildest comprehension.

Tough Love...

How do we somehow transcend our end of the millennium bubble worlds and begin, ever so slowly, to walk in the light of the unity of God? How do we escape our bubble worlds without extinguishing ourselves in the empty vacuum of space?

Sometimes, the only thing that will work is tough love. Tough enough to recognize, tough enough to walk into the light.

Mohammed, it is said, was forced to fight battles and wars in order to ensure the survival of the new faith if Islam. Such a battle calls us now. Not a battle of flesh and blood, and not a battle we relish, but a battle of spiritual necessity.

A Question of Balance...

It is time to call to arms the spiritual residue within the human being, the human civilization, within the citadel of Faith. Only a march to God can overcome the problems of the world today.

If I have dwelled on the injustices of our age, it is because they need fixing. If I have explored the bubble worlds of our mental hopes and dreams, it is because we need to recognize them for what they are.

When Newton had discovered the laws of motion, the law of gravity, and invented the calculus; he next began to explore the world of the spirit, and stated that his scientific explorations therefore had been like merely examining one grain of sand upon the beach, while the whole ocean of spiritual truth lay unknown and unnoticed before him.

Before St. Augustine went, opened and read the words of Paul and then wrote the City of God and the Confessions, he studied mightily the words of Mani. If Augustine had not been a diligent Manichean, would he ever have written those works?

Before we can move in harmony with the Unity of God which is beyond us, we must recognize once and for all that it is forever and absolutely beyond us.

Before we can attack the citadel of injustice before us now, we must put on the armor of Mohammed in a spiritual jihad. Tough love is necessary if the patient is to survive.

I apologize, dear readers, if I have dragged you through the injustices of the late twentieth century earth, and its illusions, and my own. But the injustices are real, and growing , and the blood of the wronged cries out to God from the soil of the earth! If I have waxed too far in my imaginings , please do not let it dissuade you from the truth that is about to unfold as the new millennium begins, and the old order is rolled up forever. If I have been distracted by the fireworks of the death of the old order, it is because of the surface sound and fury, not the inner essence of things..

For it matters not whether the stock market bubble bursts; it matters not whether the boiling cauldron of earth erupts, nor whether we are able to foresee these things. What matters is the sure and certain unfolding of the kingdom of God.

Subtle is the Lord.