Point of View

We each are really just a point of view,
Particular perspective from a point
Immersed in a totality of wholeness;
Spectacular collective through and through.

Reality of any one or thing
Is just as true for me, for one and all.
I am not limited to what I see and feel
Although my understanding's from afar.

As long as lover's love in ecstasy,
As long as life is lived in charity,
No matter where, or when, or who, or what,
I am complete despite my meager lot.

But still I recognize that pain exists,
Injustice too embedded in my bliss.
The bell that tolls for others tolls for me
And like a sore it festers all I see.

But that I think is what a God is for,
To balance books and even up the score,
To make it all worth more down to the core,
Though it be on some very distant shore.

And if there be no God forevermore,
Then I say we must do it, you and I,
It matters not how long it takes, bye and bye,
We must become, with mightiest of roar:

A Leveler of last resort,
A host of angels in a final court,
A comforter enough to sift and sort,
To dry up tears, make long what was too short,

A Power bringing universe to port.

copyright Ron Stephens 2013
all rights reserved

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