The Scribe Ascribes

I am not as smart as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. They have much higher IQs than I do, But I am smart enough to do calculus, speak, read and write. I understand that difficult propositions about deep subjects like religion and philosophy are not provable by using language or math or science. Language and math and science are human creations and have limitations.

But, unlike Dawkins and Hawkins, I realize that I have a god inside me. Oh, on a day to day basis I act like I am the boss, because I can talk and speak to myself, while my god is mute. I am the spokesman, the accessible and visible person, I am a commanding self who bosses my god around and acts on whim, emotion, and desire.

But my god is deeper, with layers and connections that go way beyond human language and my loquacious, commanding self. Without my god I would have no reason to exist, because I would be a meaningless shell. My god has millions of years of history and millions of living cells, each with its own biological and evolutionary history. My god has no human language, but does have millions of languages that I donít understand, trillions of interconnections and depth and subtlety of meaning and expression far beyond my meagre English.

Furthermore, my god is so deep, so complex and so connected that I suspect he is also connected, deep within, to something like a true God, or at least touches such a special entity. And if a being even so much as barely touches another superior being, even to the extent that he so much as touches the hem of His garment, to use a metaphor from our inexact and weak human language, then it could almost be said that the God is incarnated in the living being.

So, while I am merely a spokesman, a surface phenomenon who talks a great game but has little substance, still I can say that I bear witness. I bear witness of something much greater than myself.