The Holy Spirit is Wholly Spirit

In the Beginning God conceived a Cosmos
So perfect and complex, so simple and divine
But lacking any substance firm and physical.
So God exhaled the very breath of Life

A measuring spirit by spirit measured
An animating angel mixed with Chaos
Breath quickened Cosmos with the gift of Life
Made physical within the Mind of God.

But only step by step, time's tiny footsteps
Realized conceived Cosmos as a World
Of flesh and blood, of stick and stone and space
Made Real by God via His Holy Ghost.

So mind came first, the consciousness of God
And then a matrix of lattice network
But only breath by breath of Holy Ghost
Do we partake communion with His consciousness.

So subtle is the spirit of the Lord
It goeth where it listeth like the wind
We feel it in our minds but doubt its worth
Because it lacks the substance of real earth.

Can spirit move a mountain from its place?
Can ghost make men stand firm against a sword?
Does spirit buy our bread and feed our bodies?
Does breath have value like a dollar's clout?

And yet when on my couch I lie at rest
And contemplate the cosmos and my fate
A still small voice commands me to rehearse
The worth of my own soul and inner source.

Without a spirit, a cosmos isn't real
Without a mind, time is an illusion
Without a consciousness all is dead
My inner voice is really all there is.

The Holy Spirit is pure and clean
It washes over me like pleasant rain
I'm centered and I'm home and free at last
At joy in communion with utmost being.

No need to think what I will say or do
For life and life more abundantly
Pours forth like precious oil from inner springs
No pressure to perform, but simply be.

You can't touch it but you can feel it
You can't define it but you can be it
You can't prove it but you can move with it
The weirdness of destiny is Holy Spirit.

My consciousness so loves the Holy Spirit
I long to always move more nigh and near it
To listen for its voice so I can hear it
To sing its praises, revel and revere it.

The Holy Spirit is Wholly Spirit
We are safe and sound when we are near it
It's in our soul, no need to fear it
The very breath of Life is Wholly Spirit.