Why does God work through people?

Why does S(He) leave us to search for our own answers, to seek the truth without all the facts? Why leave us to create so many religions and philosophies, instead of making it all explicitly clear? Why did S(He) work through the patriarchs and prophets to write the Bible, with contradictions and ambiguities? Why did Jesus not write a book to make His truth straight once and for all? Couldn't S(He) have saved us from all the diverse churches, sects and heresies?

Whys didn't God create a universe without risk, pain and evil, fully finished and perfected?

Maybe because S(He) created us such that we would be more richly rewarded by finding our own way, by working hard to help create the good, the true and the beautiful, because we and S(He) value hard, creative work towards meaningful goals.

What if we discover alien life, far more intelligent than we are, and these alien beings firmly do not believe in any god, religion, or purposeful meaning underlying the universe and existence? Well, in that case, I still believe that our human meaning, art and religious striving would be just as valid as before. Regardless of the philosophies, and beliefs of an alien civilization, no matter how advanced, our histories of striving for meaning will be just as beautiful for us as always.

Even the existences of animals and plants have meanings and worth whether humans exist or not, and our existence does not lessen their value. All of nature and the universe have beauty, truth and meaning.

But, we might wonder, what if God does not exist, and there is no pre-existent meaning or purpose? Well, as our existentialists have explained to us, we still create meaning through our experiences. Regardless of how we came to be, creatures with our make up, complexity and consciousness can and do create purpose and value. Furthermore, we have tendencies that will cause us to strive to create God, if One does not already exist.

Or maybe God existed, but in order to create all that is, S(He) had to sacrifice Herself entirely (or in part) to create such a complex, vital universe. That supreme sacrifice might help explain why sacrifice is so important to humans and so much a part of our religious beliefs. Perhaps, S(He) caused us to come into existence with the faith that we would re-create Her, foreshadowing both the importance of sacrifice and faith to at least some of those S(He) has created.

If God does not exist, we would be compelled to create Her.