Spiritus Mundi

From the deep shadows I come to the Magdala
From the sacred corridors of the Kabbala,

I feel communion with the grass, trees, and all animals
As pulsing energy flows from life's inner core
Aware of sacred oil that pours, my cup brimmeth o'er
Partaking of a common living metaphor
I feel that this is what life and living's worth is for
A common destiny, a true blood imaginal.

There is also a transformation algebra
Leading to the habitat of Mount Moriah,

Our next way-station as we tread the path of love
Where communion is of a different order
And there is an underlying number
Approached without the need of slumber
As our senses we unencumber
This is the pervasive matrix from above.

Then on to alpha, beta, gamma and omega
This journey takes us on to the next chakra,

Listen: Intelligence of action at the gates
We form the future of communication
Written to and from our final destination
Looking to the future of a transfiguration
In the hopes of a scripted resurrection
Alchemy between our life's blood and the fates.

This is the lesson of the sacred Kabbala
Taught me from the lips of the blessed Magdala.

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