Reason to Believe

Existence speaks:

So everything that is, evolved from nothing,
And we ourselves, like Homo Floresiensis,
Evolved from brainless little creatures
By merest chance, yes, that is the consensus.

If God exists, He sure does keep it secret,
Withholding all the real important things.
He keeps us in the dark, without a clue
To seek and search for what the future brings.

Yes, humankind is quite ridiculous,
We share our flesh and genes with pigs,
We can't control our passions nor our natures,
We dress them up with lipstick and with wigs.

For stuff, the universe, and us are chance;
But God must have some uses of His own,
And since he left us in a world gone wrong,
What do our pain and agony atone?

Gnosis speaks:

If all were known at once, right from the start,
And if our home were perfect in the stars,
If all were certain and we knew the ends,
Our limits would be lower than they are.

God keeps us in the dark, so when we see,
Our eyes are dazzled by the blazing light;
He saves celestial music 'till the end,
So hearing it is maximum delight.

But most surprising is that we can know,
How strange that dust can reason and discern?
A miracle of miracles for sure
That we can cipher, calculate, and learn.

And whether God is hidden or a myth,
We can't survive a life without a hope;
If it be true or it be false, without
A reason to believe we can not cope.

Against all odds, we face what fate may bring,
We sacrifice our lives, our thoughts, our honor,
Devise and fashion plans, make peace with death,
Create the virtues, give our blood for others.

So God, by hiding, gave us tough love's chance;
To make a world of meaning all our own,
To earn the ecstasies of art sublime,
Not just enjoy, at ease, what we were shown.

So sometimes nothing's a pretty cool hand,
Like in Ben Hur when Charlton Heston
Refused to let his Roman master drown:
The reasons to believe? Belief and Reason.

copyright Ron Stephens 2013
all rights reserved

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