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User Submitted Poetry and Prose from the AwareTek Online Community...

The Tides of Time by Betty Martin Wlodyka

Why Dartmoor My Love, a new poem by our AwareTek Poet Laureate, Melissa Williams Blackmore

Dartmoor Revisited, two new poems by our AwareTek Poet Laureate, Melissa Williams Blackmore

A Millennial Poem by William C. Burns, Millennial Artist

"She Sits There" a very special poem by Melissa Williams

The Poetry and Art of Melissa Williams(updated)

KISS by Melissa Williams, a lovely new poem

"Echoes" a poem by c.l.bracy-jacobs

"My Grandfather's House" a poem by c.l.bracy-jacobs

The Poetry of Laura Rose...

Shadows of Endor by Bob Church

Back by Popular Demand: Bob Church's "The Lesson"

A Brand New Poem by Bob Church: "Imprecise Gifts" (XMAS Special!)

Logicus Fidele by Bob Church

"The Moth" A Poetic AwareTek Exclusive by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Noted Science Fiction Novelist!

"The Persian Rose" by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

"Steel Joists": a Short Story by Ben Ohmart

"Searching for Crayfish" a short story by Katie McDonald

"Five Special Seasons" a poem by Maureen McDonald

"Hands of Time" by Victoria Deering

Yes, it will all blow over soon and we will just get used to it...
Volania Raising the Lid, a short story by Joy Reid

A Very Disturbing Short Story by Ben Ohmart

Your Less Evolved Areas have a right to be!

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