The future is open ended, unknown and unwritten.

God has free will. With God all things ar e possible.

What does this mean? It means that God does not constrain the universe. Not only does God have free will, but we have free will also. The universe has free will.

So we are helping to write the future of the universe, because we are part of the universe.

This is scary I suppose. The ending to the play is not written. We don't even know if it will remain a play. Good versus evil matters. Our choices matter. God will be what He will be...

Does this mean that th e universe is not bound by the will of God? No. God's will underlies the whole universe. Looked at from a temporal point of view (which is only one of an infinity of possible points of view), God created the universe in a big bang and wrote his Will into the script, into the underlying quantum field equations at the moment of the big bang. So, God's very Will extends its effects to all possible points in time and space, through the underlying quantum field equations. But God does not constrain the thinkin g people of the universe, nor the universe itself, through unnatural means. Unnatural means would be to take away the free will of people and the universe.

God will be what He will be...and we can't know the future. But we can help write it. And we can have faith that the future will be in accordance with the will of God, and that His presence is felt everywhere at all times.

So we must live our lives as if God does not exist, as if our actions, thoughts, and choices make all the differe nce in the universe. But yet we must live our lives with Faith that God does exist and His will be done.

Such is an apsect of the infinite Mystery of God.