We stand in the shadow of change so vast that we know not whether we are going or coming. We are on the cusp of greatness. While at the nexus of transcendence, we are neither in the future nor in the past. But we cherish our past as we move forward.

They say the selfish gene tries to replicate itself. Successful genes are found in great number throughout nature. Ideas are said to be like genes. If we call a single idea or data point a meme, then a successful meme, be it a religious idea, a poetic fragment, a piece of computer programming code, or what not, will find ways to replicate itself in great numbers.

But what is more successful, a gene, or meme, which is able to replicate itself in great numbers only, or a gene or meme which is able to transcend itself by mutating into something wholly new and wonderful, which goes on to play a part in the future evolution of greater complexity, mind, civilization, and spirit. There is no shame in dying. God, break me up into little memes to be spread around the universe and play parts in endless experiments leading to someone else's glory, someone else's soul, someone else's ecstasy.

To be transitional, to go towards the future, to cherish our roots, to ultimately transcend ourselves. For the greatest glory of a gene, a meme, a soul, a civilization, of any entity, is not to merely replicate itself endlessly; but the greatest glory is to transcend.

Our religious sense has always called upon us to transcend. Let us not shrink back at this crucial juncture, nor any other. To transcend, to reach out for what is greater than ourselves, to imagine more intelligence, more soul, more spirit. Truly, if God did not exist, we would create God. Such is our destiny.

So there is, sadly, no memory of a moment, only chains of connections in the mind, which lead to transcendence. And to stand in the limn, the shadow, of such a transcendence is magnificent and fulfilling. Ever onwards.

If religion is an illusion, then let us milk it for all it is worth. For it is the language of such illusions which so far exceeds our verbal languages, that we can transcend the merely physical constructs of our limited human brains and reach out for our dreams of immortality and transcendence.