We made it to the homeland of the grail,
The holy land of Eretz Yisrael,
But I was not a perfect spotless calf,
And so like Sarah I just had to laugh.

Israel, Israel, where did I go wrong?
And where are the answers I have sought so long?
My soul is wounded, my spirit gone astray,
There is no balm in Gilead today.

Backwater City, Nazareth, Galilee,
A million miles from nowhere, just like you and me,
But all the patriarchs and angels still confess
The rock of Judah in the wilderness.

I've been to Elijah's cave in Mount Carmel,
There's been no time to think since Cain killed Abel,
When time's immortal curtain passes by
The future's smokey shadows freeze and die.

From Nebo on Pisgah I spied the Jordan,
The valleys of Jezreel and Armageddon,
The spirits of the dead floated in the air
Where ancient armies clashed with hope and despair.

Young Jacob walked aloof in Palestine,
He wrestled in his dreams with the divine,
Created a notion of a different kind,
And Israel became a conscious mind.

But what weird creatures we have now become!
I feel my death before my time has come,
We see that minds are gods, and God is one,
So am I cursed, or am I a chosen one?

I am a void that walks and talks and cares,
I have emotions that I can not share,
You look at me and you see nothing but I swear
I look inside and I see being there.

The gods are all dead, with none to be found,
Bethel is empty, in Shiloh no sound,
From Hebron to Zion and on to the sea,
Swing low to the Jordan and set my soul free.

Say, "mene, mene, tekel, decided,
Your days are numbered, counted, weighed and divided."
God's finger has guided and amply provided,
His grace has sufficed and unto us abideth.

When David saw Bathsheba bathe alone,
Her husband killed, then shared his bed and throne,
A son was sired, because he was enticed,
And from this union descended Jesus Christ.

All I can say, is Oh Lord, I hear,
So hear, O Israel, I will always fear,
With trembling I will wait for you to appear,
While trusting deep inside that you are near.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, not yet
To reach and walk your streets I sore regret,
But I'm exhausted by the vision and I weep,
For all the promises I couldn't keep.

Jerusalem, city of blood and death,
We each will reach you with our dying breath,
And see the light of Zion face to face,
And shed our life's blood in this aweful place.

Moriah, I am sacrificed to you,
My soul is bound and bared on top of you,
Where multitudes of people have been killed,
On your blood-devouring sacred hill.

We're chosen all of us but we must too
Cross over the Jordan as true Hebrews,
And enter a strange land we never knew,
We're chosen but we're under judgement too.

Suffering, suffering, endlessly be,
Nailed to the cross of an agony tree,
Our souls are blood-pressed on Gethsemane,
'Till death brings relief and sets the soul free.

The evil is necessary, but one must sustain,
And run a good race in spite of the pain.
But all shall be well, yes, all shall be well,
And all manner of things shall be well.

City of light and gold and diamonds sublime,
Beyond all reason and rhyme at the end of time,
Peace will be found in New Jerusalem,
You're assured your shalom in Yerushalayim.

You're assured your shalom in Yerushalayim.