Ground Zero

We went there often, and on a clear day
We saw Bear Mountain fifty miles away,
We looked at planes eye-level or below,
Had fun and pizza, it was quite a show.

Defined now by its absence, all is changed,
Our lives, our world, they've been re-arranged,
There now are holes where once the towers stood,
Gigantic fountains, museums, and a wood.

It's like when Nietzsche saw infinity,
He said that God is dead; in reality
He saw a hole where once was Deity;
Godel and he both found insanity.

I sort of think it's like that with our souls,
We die and leave our information holes
Behind; connections broken on the shoals
Of unmet dreams and unfullfilled life's goals.

An information hole can never die,
It twists and turns as ages roll on by,
But never is erased completely 'cause
You just rewind the clock of nature's laws.

What tore time's fabric hurt us to the core,
It left behind a wound that's bloody sore;
We're less now than we were yet strangely more
For now we've been what we but were before.

copyright Ron Stephens 2012
all rights reserved

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