Go Down Moses

I looked to my left, and they all said no,
I looked to my right, and they all said go,
I didn't know where to go,
I was being sucked down in the undertow.

No was a word that was easy to say,
No was a word that stood in my way,
None was the person who just said okay,
None was the feeling or thought behind "nay".

I really don't mind being misunderstood,
I've carved out my meaning in stone and in wood,
I'd take it back home in blood if I could,
But no one will help me, nobody would.

I'll lead on for now, follow my nose,
For this is the life that I purposefully chose,
You see now the thorn is still in the rose,
It hurts so to see how simply it shows.

You told me before, the answer is no,
You told me before that I must now go,
Sucked down in the vortex of habit and woe,
I knew in the end I'd go with the flow.