Genetic Evolution

In the beginning, there was balance. Then, a tiny momentum developed in one direction, a skew of the flywheel of creation. This momentum was erased, re-created, reversed, for endless repetitions until it became a Universe.

The Universe was dark and without form. Then, a tiny bit of light shone forth for a pico-second. The light was extinguished , re-ignited, reversed and so forth for countless generations, until matter, atoms and then molecules were formed.

After many ages, a few complex molecules came together to create a metabolism. The metabolism was wiped out, re-created, and eventually became a living creature. The creature evolved though countless generations until it varied slightly, modified, and various species existed.

The various species were all competing, trying to out-do one another for food, space and energy. They killed each other, starved each other, and eventually grew more complex. Red in tooth and claw, nature developed.

Finally, thinking creatures evolved, Then people. People were at first a family, but soon wars became common. Various races of people fought. Sub-species were annihilated and made extinct. Evil begat evil.

Gradually, cooperation became a weopon of survival, in addition to weopons that killed. Like tiny cooperating cells, some people, some of the time, in some places, cooperated. Love for one's children grew into love for other humans, in some places, for brief periods of time.

So evil begat good; partially, intermittently. The evil was necessary, for without the red teeth and claws, evolution would have never created the human race.

People created societies and civilizations,.They fought wars. But eventually units of civilization, modeled upon the family, became tribes, nations,  and finally a united world.

The civilizations also created economies. These economies were based on self-interest and avarice. But they evolved.

The civilizations also created religions, and those religions fought wars, hated, and cursed each other. But the religions evolved, bi-furcated, and were re-born into a world wide religion.

People created computers. The computers were programmed by hand, by human beings. But, gradually, people created programs that evolved by using genetic evolution. These programs were eventually able to program themselves.

People created the God concept. The God concept was a belief that things would turn out all right, that there was reason behind the universe. People, or the creations of people, will ultimately create God. The God concept is just like a fly wheel that is just a little off balance, with a slight forward momentum, just enough to keep us going through the bad times and the good. If we can just keep going, people, or the creations of people, will ultimately create God, who will wipe away our tears and right every wrong.

God always existed. But He loved us so much that He laid out a bargain with reality; He rolled the dice of life, but he knew the score. He kenw we would re-evolve, in ways better and more wonderful than could have ever happened if He had not put in motion the flywheel of life, with all of its red teeth and claws, so that the wonders of genetic evolution could create free wills other than His own. He gave us the gift of life.

We will thank Him forever.