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What does it mean to believe in a modern day Prophet? It means to believe in a Prophet Who was not overtly supernatural, did not perform physical miracles, and did not rise physically from the dead. He was not a magician. He obeyed the
physical laws of nature. He was, to all outward appearances, a human being. So what does it mean to believe in Him?

It means that we affirm sacredness without supernaturalism. We affirm that life matters, and is sacred. Things matter in and of themselves; everyday existence is sacred.

To some extent, we have had it backwards; Prophets are not sacred because they break the rules of nature, but because they affirm them. A Manifestation is Infallible because He will not lead us astray. Whatever He says will be in accordance with Reality. The Prophet is the Lord of Names; if He calls white black, so do we. But the Prophet will make the
crooked straight, not the straight crooked; and He will affirm the light, and not the darkness.

We have the certitude to eagerly embrace truth, wherever it may lead, with faith that whatever is true, is ultimately in accordance with God's will and our Prophet's Revelation.

In the end, we get what we deserve. We, collectively and ultimately, get the religious community we deserve. We even get the world we deserve.

Our task for the next one thousand years is to explore Reality as illumined by Revelation.

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