We are told to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and all our mind, but this is hard. What does it mean to love a spirit, an abstraction that we canít see, hear, or touch?

It means to recognize that existence has meaning and purpose, and to reject nihilism. It means to honor the reality of that purpose and meaning, and to cherish the awesome miracle of life. It means to take responsibility for our lives, and live them appropriately. It means to seek out the good, the true and the beautiful, and to resist evil.

Spiritual warfare is taking place underneath the surface we perceive. But there is another world beneath and behind the material world. We only see the material surfaces, if we saw the immensity of the underlying reality it would be too much for us. Everything we do has significance beyond what we realize. The good, the true and the beautiful are real, but so is evil. Some artists, like Vincent Van Gogh, see a bit beyond the surface and are able to give us a bit of a glimpse. But they are resisted by demons, who donít want the truth exposed to us. We need to embrace the good, and fight against the evil. The evil is real and necessary, but the good will prevail. There is a special kind of grace that abides.

We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves, because people matter and what happens to people matters. The love between people, the moments we share together, are of lasting significance. They matter much more than the outward, material things we sometimes idolize. If a person is a king, a billionaire, a sports or media star, of what significance is that once she or he is dead and gone? On the other hand, the special love of a family, amongst friends, the little everyday moments of our lives, are of lasting and eternal significance and meaning. Love of this kind, and the beauty it begets, is eternal in that other, spiritual world.

If people matter, then so do all animals, all life and all the universe we inhabit. A sparrow and a dog have their own meaning and significance, and we should honor and cherish them too, but we are people and people matter more. Even if the human race were to die out and become extinct, the special loving moments we share now will survive in the other, spiritual world, because they and we have our own special meaning. Even if we become aware of intelligent alien beings who are of much higher intelligence and capabilities that we are, it wonít reduce the significance and meaning of humans and our loving relationships one iota. We have our own special dignity, grace and meaning that can never be reduced. The wealth and fame of kings will vanish but the worth and beauty off our special personal moments with each other will remain. That worth is eternal in another world beyond danger. A motherís love for her child is eternal and worth more than all the wealth and power of all the tyrants in history.

[Flashbacks: I refuse to violate my family memories by sharing, but I ask you to recall the memories of moments of great intimacy you have of your mother, your father, your siblings, of when they went beyond the pale for you, or when you went beyond the call for them, to help succor them in times of need, or when your friend went beyond the limits of friendship to help you in time of need. That is what I refer to, human kindness multiplied to the exponential, to help human kind. These moments, events, and emotions are timeless and precious.]

People matter and what matters to people matters most of all.