They said we were dead, but we're not dead.
We sleep in your towns, we walk in your streets,
The past is alive, our ghosts see your sins,
You think you're so smart, but you're due for a fall.

We'll bury you along with us,
Our actions, thoughts and consciences
Will haunt and smother your spirits,
We'll blanket you with suffocation
In your lamentation cities.

Your problems are big, they won't go away
Until you realize, your values are wrong.
You kill and you steal, you curse and you swear,
You have no beliefs, you have no ideals.
Money's your god, and play is your prayer,
Your greed and your pride, your sex and your lust
Will bring down the wrath of God and of us
Until you see the Way, and follow the Tao
With contrite hearts and humble minds
And listen to your inner voices
Cherish and honor your heritage
And the Will of Heaven.

You kill your children, adulterate your wives,
You worship money, idolize power,
Your might makes right, and so you laugh.
Your pride goeth before your fall,
You sin before your days of woe.
Your science is perverted,
Your schools are compromised.
Everybody does his own thing,
Each self her own commandments.

How long before your end is come
Before the wrath of God is shown?
Surely your end shall be as Sodom
And your ruins as Gomorrah.
You shall mourn your self-made doom
And wear sack cloth and ashes.

Your problems are big and complex
But the solutions small and simple.
Return to your values, your roots,
Embrace your ethical heritage,
That your days may be as before
And your tomorrows better still.
Repent your lascivious ways,
Respect and obey the Ancient of Days,
Behold the Man of Galilee
And then you will blessed be.