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God sees, knows and preserves all good things. Every good thought, deed, and quality is preserved for all time. That which is dross is rejected and dies. All is weighed in the scales of justice.

So every good thing about you will be preserved for all time by God. Every good thought, action, and quality will be preserved. Your bad and worthless thoughts, actions, and qualities will not be preserved; they will die for all eternity. Even Hitler must have had some good qualities, however few. But saints have more.

Do you want to live forever? What about you is worth living? Should you choose actions, thoughts and deeds that are worthy of life?

The ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife review in which a deceased person was weighed on the scales of life. The Bible talks of sinners being burned in everlasting fire and annihilation, and of saints rejoicing in a perfect heaven of eternal life. Perhaps parts of us will experience each?