A Business Manifesto for the Next Millennium

A Business Manifesto for the Next Millennium

  1. A business worth doing is worth doing well.

  2. A business person should always spend more time trying to do better for customers, not trying to harm competitors.

  3. A business is best owned by its employees.

  4. All employees of a business should share equitably in the profits.

  5. Employees should not work for a business unless the business follows good ethics, as understood by the employee.

  6. Every person should engage in meaningful work.

  7. A business should pay its employees equitably no matter where they are located.

  8. A business should maintain good working conditions for its employees, no matter where they are employed.

  9. A business should take into account all effects of its actions, including human, social, and environmental costs.

  10. Co-operation is better than competition, because it can produce optimum value to customers; however, competition is always necessary in order to ensure at least minimal value to customers.