What breed are you? What breed am I? That breed
That binds you and defines you is a brand
For all to see, burned into your hide,
A badge of honor or dishonor, not earned
But deeper than the skin and wider than the sky.
The only thing I want from breed is to be freed.

You are tex and I am mex and your sex
Is there to behold you to a role
You never sought to own. Your very soul
Is not your own when passers by can own
Your smile and peg you to a country mile.
I am more than where I'm born and what I wear.

Some are born both high and low, and why?
If our great land is for all and free
For people to rise and fall then why oh why
Is one rich daughter a thoroughbred
While others are stuck sucking hind tit?
Either we are humans all or else iconoclasts.

The world is wide the world is round, we all
Float on the edge, equidistant from the core,
We will be wed to fairness, not bred to market
We must be fed with milk of human kindness
Not hired and sired like studs and breeding mares.
Our destiny is to define our own histories.