This is not intended as a work of scholarship, and I have made no effort to exhaustively document all of the many written sources which have helped to inspire and inform this book. However, it may be usefull to list what I consider to be the five most influential books and/or thinkers who have influenced my thinking, other than the Baha'i Writings, which are by far the most important. In rough order of importance, I have particularly cherished and highly recommend the following sources:

1. The King James translation of the Holy Bible. I read so much of this book as a very young person that it has forever colored my thinking on all topics.

2. The works of Arnold Toynbee, English historian, with particular importance for " A Study of History". Toynbee wrote extensively about the importance of religion in the past and future evolution of civilization.

3. All the books of the Catholic priest and anthropologist, Teilhard de Chardin, such as "The Phenomenon of Man". In particular I have been inspired by de Chardin's notions about past and future human evolution towards an ultimate future Omega Point.

4.The books of Kenneth Wilbur which attempt to outline a methodology for consolidating the spiritual traditions of the East (particularly Buddhism) with the scientific rationalism of the West.

5. The book "The Physics of Immortality" by Frank J. Tipler.

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