Integral aperspectival cognition

Integral aperspectival cognition

Vision Logic

Each moment, each world divides into an infinite number of worlds. Each decision you make is important and creates a new quantum mechanical universe. Sure, some versions of the new worlds may contain versions of you that chose differently.

But when you stand back and look at all of the multiplying worlds from a non-temporal vantage point, certain symmetries emerge. Patterns of informational consonance, morale awareness, and circumstantial similarities and structures radiate before us like stars shining light in an infinite number of directions from fixed points.

So, when a conscious individual human dies, he ceases to exist in his own temporal world (which is only one of the infinitely graded versions of himself across worlds) and from a temporal, linear point of view, his brain is gone and no thinking across time continues to exist.

But from a non-temporal vantage point, the structure of his choices and those of the many versions of himself not only exist, but they radiate outwards from each decision point in a complex crystal-like structure of immense significance.

So, we have before us a complex symphony of resonant structures. While we can not fully understand these non-temporal structures, we can certainly not say that they donít exist. Therefore, conscious life is, in important ways, non-temporal and eternal.