Before the Flood...


After the Apocalypse...

A Postmodern Tale...

Looking out on the flatland all around, I see that the apocalypse has already happened, even though we still await the flood of events to come.

We donít need to wait for the tribulation, for all around us we are living in the wasteland of our own times, a time shorn of dignity and bereft of soul.

No one has time at all; we rush madly onward each and every moment, clutching at goals and grasping at nettles; we must win! We must succeed. We need money, love, esteem, fun, safety, security, excitement and the future supply of money to ensure all of these things. We donít have time; we donít have meaning; and most of all, we donít have eternity, since our flat world will disappear at our death, which is all too soon; we donít have time.

No need to wait for disaster, annihilation, end times woes; we are already living in the post-apocalyptic world, and have been for some time now.

But our post apocalyptic world doesnít have endearing characters like mad Max; deep meanings like Christian Revelations; high tech features like 2001, A Space Odyssey. We are in a post apocalyptic Hell that wonít go away and we donít even realize it!

This world around us is the aftermath, the Desolation of Abomination; a world in which we have life but no love; health but no soul; money but no satisfaction.

So bring on the future! By God, we are ready! What else can you show me, what else have you got? Weíve been bloody since long before the flood, and we are tired of modern day Noahs singing post-modern blues which we canít understand without a computer program!

I just pray, I just pray, that as we go through the crisis to come, God, that you will let us keep what little good we got. Take away our money, if you must; take away our technology, our pride, our sin, our very heart if you must: but leave us our minds, our intelligence, our tools, our lives , and our chances.

God, I pray that you will not let us be nuked. I pray that you will allow us to preserve the best of what we have so painfully created, so that we can begin anew without the total devastation of fire. Please, God; I pray.

We are out of control, and the time is late. But let us face the future with positive minds, expectant outlooks, and most of all, a sense of destiny. Millennium.