Advice to a Young Person

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord and all his minions
I've been to the mountaintop and seen the other side
No matter what's ailing you, listen to my story
Because there's a kind of poetic justice that abides.

When I was just about knee-high to a pup
I bought the kool-aid and drank it up
But somewhere about my 40'th year
I began to see by the light of a different day.

Because you only get one chance at life
You better inhale it and like it a lot
No matter what kind of crap is going down
You only get one life and no second go round.

So learn about how to tell right from wrong
And when to bend a bit just to get along
Discern and develop a sense of timing
How to go with the flow and follow big Mo'.

Then find your bliss and stick with it
And learn how to like the bad stuff too
Especially learn how to like the bad stuff
'Cause you'll be seeing plenty of that for sure.

But when your days are dark
And your nights are long
When pain is really all you feel
'Cause life's got you by the throat
And you're so nauseous you can't even throw up
Right then and there and only then
You can conquer life's banality and death's finality
By seeing the justice in the glory that abides.

The birds singing in tune
Dogs loving life and their masters
Babies full of promise being born
Old folks wisdom in solitude
The sky so full of stars, and moonlit nights
The gentle breeze that blows as evening falls

So put it all on the line and let it ride
Because there's a kind of poetic justice that abides.

copyright Ron Stephens 2013
all rights reserved

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