Through a Glass Darkly

O Lord my God, I beseech thee to forgive me.

I believe in you and your power to enlighten, to help and to heal. You have all power to grant anything that is consistent with Your will.

But I have always wondered why belief is so important. Why not just tell us and show us exactly what is true and what you want without question or doubt? Could You not in Your omnipotence, show us proof of the truth? Why make it so important a factor that we are able to believe things that are not self-obviously true? Is such an ability to believe even more important than love, charity, and ethical behavior?

But yet again I know that Jesus emphasized the importance of belief and faith, so it is very important, but why?

It is as if God, the pre-existent, all powerful all-knowing One, in Creating all that is, so emptied Himself into the creative process that He, perhaps in an effort to Transcend even Himself, that He partially broke a few things, or left them uncompleted, or perhaps had to temporarily restrain Himself. Maybe He in some sense sacrificed His preexistent Self in order to create such a transcendent and potent Creation, in the faith and knowledge and belief that He would be re-constituted in the post existence of all that is.

Or more likely, maybe He just knows that we are better off without full knowledge of all secrets, because such knowledge would prevent us from doing important things, or that we needed to be in partial ignorance in order to experience important things, or to flex our belief and faith for reasons beyond our understanding.

Maybe He is even giving us the chance to cooperate in bringing about some things? Maybe he is showing some Faith and Belief that we will ultimately do the right things?

After all, we humans must have faith in order to even get up out of bed each morning, knowing that we will die, that we will possibly face horrible suffering, and that for sure some humans have and will face horrible suffering, we must have a great faith to keep on trying without clear evidence that right prevails, that anything has any purpose, that there is any meaning at all to our existence. We, more than any other living thing we know of, must have faith and optimistic hope in the face of the unknown and the terrible, just in order to live our lives and keep on keeping on.

Therefore I believe that there are reasons, purposes, and rewards for faith, and that all things will be righted in the end, made straight, and justified; that every tear will be wiped away, all living things will be rewarded appropriately, and everyone will be filled with joy.