UFOs and Alien Beings

UFOs and Alien Beings

There are things in our skies and in the seas that we do not understand.

Actually, despite our scientific progress, we sometimes forget how much we do not know. Most of the matter in our universe is called dark matter because we do not know what it is. Most of the energy is called dark energy for the same reason. Even for the forms of matter and energy that we have scientific theories for, we donít know why those theories work. We can predict outcomes using quantum theories, relativity theory and the Standard Model of particle physics, but we donít know why those mathematical methods work, nor where they come from.

Now letís speculate, what happens if we make contact with advanced alien beings. Assume an alien civilization is far more advanced than our own and that the alien beings are far more intelligent than human beings. What sort of philosophy might they have? It would be interesting to find out whether such beings would have any religious or spiritual beliefs, and if so what kind, or would they be atheists. What if the aliens turn out to be not only atheists but to view our religions as primitive superstitions, not worthy of serious consideration. How would that scenario affect the faith and culture of human beings?

Perhaps any such aliens will be so far outside our beliefs and philosophies as to be incomprehensible. They may not be physical beings but maybe instead made up of energy, information or spirit, or something more exotic that we can barely discern.

Our oceans and our skies are big places. There could be willful, organized, intelligent configurations that are nothing at all like what we might expect or would even notice.

Perhaps our saints and prophets have given us the best guidance in such matters. We might be dealing with powers and principalities, angels and demons, or other things that are nor dreamed of in our philosophies.

Jesus said that he had sheep that are not of this fold. Maybe he meant people in other parts of the world, other religious traditions, or even on other worlds. Maybe he meant angels or spirits. We donít know. Maybe we should keep our minds open.

What do you think?

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