red black of night

I went down to the ship
where my family was stripped
and I knew that the air was all wrong.
Sumer and Tyre
they hung like a wire
and at night the red star was full strong.
Gone halfway from home
from Egypt and Rome
and the ground was infirm where I stepped.
Looked back to the East
Where lay the dead beast
and I knew why my mother had wept.

The baby was nigh
but no shepherds on high
and no Place I could call all my own.
Deep down in the ice
we all tossed the dice
to see what our futures had shown.
My nerves they were shot
By her breath so damn hot
and down by the river it flowed
Wet black and ripe
it felt so damned right
but by blood was the baby dethroned.

The battle is waged
With sulfer and rage
in the place where the future is found.
The eagle does soar
The green grass grows o'er
The blood of my dad in the ground.
I've been here so long
In river and song
That I don't recognize my own ghost.
My feet in the sand
I'm stuck on this strand
Of forsaken, forgotten coast.

Red like the Nile
Dry with denial
like Jason I sailed in the night.
Spread sheepskin to fate
Two days I did wait
With stars it is useless to fight.
Was here I was born
and here I still mourn
Three days was the babe out of sight.
The brew I did sip
Cursed be the ship
Engulfed me in red black of night.