Remembering the Future

So any being sufficiently advanced
Is indistinguishable from a God,
This universe was created by a God
So God's an artist, the universe his art.

Beginning with a violent big bang
An expanding light cone gyre shoots forth
A spiralling of possibilities
As quantum time unfolds by decoherence.

So time is real but encapsulated
In hyperreal outside of time and space
A vector vertex, a chaotic vortex
With infinite room for free-will histories.

Boundary conditions at the end of time
Attract, reverse the gyre and close the egg
Ensuring equitably good outcomes
And compensate the existence of evil.

A translucent egg with incandescent skeins
A virtual vase with violet flowers
With arteries, veins and scars, traces and trails
Of trillions of lives, species known and unknown.

A mediocre artist would be tempted
To constantly interfere with his
Unfolding art-egg, imposing miracles,
But God builds in vitality to evolve.

He does all this to allow creation
Of excellence and beauty beyond measure
Sparrows and nightingales singing in the trees
Beautiful melodies blowing in the breeze.

God empowers creation with life itself
A virtual reality art-egg gyre
A bulging, pulsing, light filled obloid
A multimedia faberge egg.

All good is preserved, all evil is resolved
History meets destiny, at God's Omega Point.
Beauty is truth, and truth is good, that's all
We need to know about God's Greatest Art Work.