No Man Sees My Face and Lives

Was this the fire in Moses' burning bush
That changed the whole Mediterranean?
Did Moses see behind the veil of truth
The aweful Face that keeps the world aflame?

There's something going on, we know not what
Its mystery is all that we can see,
But deep behind the cloak of normalcy
There's something very strange that's happening here.

What is this blessed water that we drink,
And does it flow from yonder crystal fountain?
And what dread air upon which we breathe
Is it the same as blowed on Calvary?

What's left when all of nature's run its course,
When human bodies and matter decompose?
Except that Holy Ghost that graced His life?
Except that Holy Shroud that draped His Corpse?

The fire is burning still, I see its smoke
Beyond the veil of flesh and drudgery;
I feel the heat and flame and holy fire
O God! Purify me with an awful kiss.